Computer Concepts - Creation of Presentation


A presentation is made up of number of slides that are displayed in a sequence. Each slide has sub-topics and different content related to the given topic.

Creating a presentation using a template

A template is a presentation that has a pre-defined theme and format. Templates are readily available design structures. There are two types of templates: design and content templates. A design template automatically gives final look of your presentation. The content template is used to include text and graphics.

To create a presentation using template, select File → New → and select desired template.

GoTo Powerpoint File

GoTo New File

Powerpoint Select Theme

Presentation with Theme

Creating a Blank Presentation

  • A blank presentation has no pre-formatted designs or colors. Every required element in the presentation has to be created or inserted specifically by the user.

  • To create a blank presentation, select File → New → Blank presentation.

GoTo Powerpoint File

GoTo New File

Select Blank Presentation

Created Blank Presentation

Entering and editing text

  • To enter text in a slide, insert a new slide.

  • A slide has two sections −

    • Click to add the title.

    • Click to add the subtitle.

  • In 'Click to add title' box, delete the text and include desired heading.

  • In 'Click to add subtitle' box, delete the text and add sub heading.

  • Editing text refers to the changing of text size, style, color, indentation, etc.

Presentation Click Textbox

Presentation Text Entered

Inserting and deleting slides in a presentation

To create a new slide, follow the below steps −

    • Go to Home → New Slide or

    • Insert → New Slide or

    • Right Click over the slide → select New Slide.

  • Shortcut key to create a new slide is Ctrl + M.

New Slide Home Menu

Select Slide Type

Select New Slide

To delete a slide, go to the corresponding slide and right click on it to select Delete slide option.

Delete Slide

Customizing a Presentation

  • Customizing a presentation can be done using Custom Slide Show options.

  • PowerPoint allows you to start Slide Show from the current slide and also provides option to hide some slides.

  • To customize a Slide Show, Choose Slide Show → Custom Slide Show→ New.

  • Under existing slides, select slides you want to add to your Slide Show.

  • Hold down shift to select a range of slides, or Ctrl to select non continuous slides.

  • Here you can change the order of the slides in your Custom Slide Show by dragging and dropping the slides under selected slides.

  • Click ok button.

Custom Slide Show

Select Custom Show

Powerpoint Click New

Check Mark Slide

Slide Add

Custom Show Added Slide