Complete Java Programming Mastery for Dummies!

Learn Java Programming for your new job role, or to clear Oracle certification exam.

  Karthikeya T

   Development, Programming Languages, Java

  Language - English

   Published on 10/2020



Learn Java for your new Job! or to clear Oracle certification!

  • Are you thinking to start your career in Java ?

  • Are you applying for a software engineer (developer) role in top MNC companies?

  • Do you wish to learn Java and develop Android apps or enter the world of Big Data and Analytics ?

  • Do you wish to clear Oracle certification Exam or your academic exam in your first attempt? That too with a good score? And add credibility to your profile?

You are in a perfect place!

  • This course will make you a confident Java Programmer and you will be able to stand on your own.

  • You can clear Java interviews or Certification and land in a better job!

  • You will learn all Java Programming concepts that are very relevant in the current market.

Why is this Course Special?

- Special care is taken while structuring the course. Your precious time will not be wasted. You don't have to refer any other books or resources. All that heavy lifting is already done for you.

- Instructor has an exceptional ability to correlate complex concepts with real world examples around you. There by, you will understand a very complex concept in simple and fun manner. 

- This is a "Course". Not a "Dictionary". You will only learn the concepts, that are necessary for your Job or to clear certification exam.

As and example, if I am teaching Engligh language to you. It doesn't make sense to teach you all the words in the dictionary. Instead I'd teach your the skill of English speaking.

What Should You Do Next?

  1. Enroll..

  2. Learn..

  3. Adding value to your career? Great! We are glad...

  4. Not adding value? Get full refund with just a click of a button!

I will see you inside...!

What Will I Get ?

  • You will clear Oracle Java certification exam in your first attempt and add credibility to your profile!
  • Become confident in writing programs in Java so to clear interviews or to work on Java Projects
  • You'd be able to learn any other Java based technology or JVM Language with ease
  • Learn all end to end Java concepts that are industry relevant
  • Learn Java to create Android Apps or to enter the future of Big Data and Analytics.
  • Learn all the Java concepts that you'd ever need to know for your job role!


  • You should be able to know how to use a computer
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Complete Java Programming Mastery for Dummies!
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160 Lectures

17 Resources

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