Complete FastAPI REST course + AWS + Emails + Payments

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Complete FastAPI REST course + AWS + Emails + Payments

Learn FastAPI by building a complete project. Extend your knowledge on advanced web development-AWS, Payments, Emails

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Course Description

Starting with a new framework is easy. Mastering it is hard. Learning by doing is the most successful way to gain your skills on a given topic quick and easy.

In this course, we will create a complete project with FastAPI, following the best programming principles. We will integrate third-party services and libraries so that we can be as close as possible to real-world application tasks, will incorporate ready Frontend project 

We will implement advanced tasks such as:

  • Integrate AWS S3 service for storing files

  • Integrate Amazon Simple Email Service for sending emails from our code

  • Integrate "Wise" Payment Provider to refund the users of our application.

The application will have different levels of access - users (complainers), approvers, and admins.

We will implement JWT, authentication, and authorization.

We will work with schemas to validate our input data and shape the response data.

We will implement all of these, and at the same time, we will follow best practices for formatting the code and using a version control system.

We will integrate a ready frontend project (written in Angular 2+) to understand better how our backend is working.

We will use a relational database (PostgreSQL) to store our information.

All the materials are created so that you can interact with them and enjoy the overall course experience.

All materials are downloadable. As a bonus to this course, you will receive a book for each section, with copy-pastable code and explanations.

You will have access to the GitHub repo with all code shown in the course.

Let's start!


What will you learn in this course:

  • How to design fully functioning RESTFul APIs using FastAPI
  • You will use asynchronous concepts (also an async connection to the DB)
  • Integrate one of the most needed AWS services - S3 bucket (for storing photos there and not on the server) + SES (Simple email service)
  • Integrate with a real-world payment provider (Wise), using their sandbox environment without the need to pay for it
  • How to protect resources with JWT authentication
  • What is authorization and how to use it (different user roles and restricted permissions for each one of them)
  • How to work with the Database inside your IDE
  • Using PostgreSQL for persistent storage of the data
  • The final code is fully available in GitHub
  • A book to each section, with the exact steps taken in the course with the opportunity to copy the code
  • Complete a complex application containing all of the above points


What are the prerequisites for this course?

  • Python

  • OOP

  • Basic database knowledge (not necessarily, but recommended)

Complete FastAPI REST course + AWS + Emails + Payments


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

1 Lectures
  • play icon Course intro 02:08 02:08
Working with Databases
17 Lectures
Schemas (pydantic models)
7 Lectures
JWT Authentication and Authorisation
11 Lectures
Clean code
8 Lectures
Complaint system (main course application) - Part 1
27 Lectures
AWS S3 Bucket Integration (Main course application) - Part 2
10 Lectures
AWS SES Integration (SES Main course application) - Part 3
3 Lectures
Payment provider integration - Wise (Main course application) - Par 4
14 Lectures
Integrate ready front-end project
1 Lectures
1 Lectures

Instructor Details

Ines Ivanova Kenova

Ines Ivanova Kenova

I am a Full-stack web developer with Python and Typescript and a passionate lecturer with over 300+ hours of lectures around different topics such as OOP (object-oriented programming), Angular 2+, Django, Flask, Python's advanced concepts, JavaScript, and testing. In my spare time, I am also a personal code mentor and dedicated freelance architect.

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