CodeIgniter 4 APIs Development Using Shield Authentication

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CodeIgniter 4 APIs Development Using Shield Authentication

Step by Step RESTful Web APIs Development Using CodeIgniter 4 and Shield Authentication

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Course Description

We will learn the complete idea to develop a CodeIgniter 4 RESTful APIs Development Using Shield Authentication. Basic Experience in CodeIgniter programming required like working of MVC. Learn practical skills of APIs Development in CodeIgniter 4 with mysql database driver.

Begin your journey of RESTful APIs Development Using Shield Authentication with MySQL database driver here.

If you have just decided to learn CodeIgniter 4 APIs development Using Authentication then you have made the right choice, so take a breath. RESTful APIs Development is very easy to learn which means that you will be through the basics and on to writing standard code to create RESTful Web APIs in a very short time.

This course is a step by step guide through the CodeIgniter 4 development with MySQL programming language. You will go from a beginner level to creating your own web services.

These are things you will learn step by step –

  1. Basics of CodeIgniter 4.

  2. Concept of Route, Controller, Migration, Seeders, Filters, Route Group & Namespace.

  3. Complete concept of Authentication in CodeIgniter 4.

  4. API Development without using authentication.

  5. API development guide with live code session with Shield.

  6. API development plans while creating application structure.

  7. About Shield basics and its structure.

  8. API Error handling by using filters.

  9. About Response & HTTP Code

  10. Difference between API Development using Authentication and without any authentication.

  11. API Development Configuration.

  12. Shield package Installation with Complete details.

  13. About Filter and their use.

  14. Process of API and their strategy of development.

This course is for every level. For beginners, it will be very perfect to enroll and learn development in very easy steps with detailed concept.


What will you learn in this course:

  • CodeIgniter 4 API Development Steps

  • RESTful APIs Development in CodeIgniter 4 without Authentication.

  • Shield Authentication Implementation in API Development

  • Step by Step process of APIs Development with CodeIgniter Authentication

  • Complete Guide for API Handling with Database in CodeIgniter 4


What are the prerequisites for this course?

  • Beginners knowledge of CodeIgniter framework & its about MVC pattern

  • Beginners knowledge of Databases

  • Basics to Work with Command Prompt / Terminal / Console commands

CodeIgniter 4 APIs Development Using Shield Authentication


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

Course Introduction & Basics
14 Lectures
  • play icon What we will learn? 03:10 03:10
  • play icon Installation of CodeIgniter 4 Using Composer 14:45 14:45
  • play icon Application Default Landing Page 06:40 06:40
  • play icon About Spark CLI Commands 08:45 08:45
  • play icon Create First Program 06:56 06:56
  • play icon Application Connectivity with Database 05:58 05:58
  • play icon What is Migration & How To Use it? 20:09 20:09
  • play icon About Query Builder Methods 19:34 19:34
  • play icon Model Based Query Methods 15:43 15:43
  • play icon What is Seeder & How To Use it? 12:18 12:18
  • play icon About Application Route Methods 15:53 15:53
  • play icon How To Create Route Group? 08:27 08:27
  • play icon About Route Namespace 12:12 12:12
  • play icon What is Filter and How To use it? 16:15 16:15
Phase #1: APIs Development without Authentication
11 Lectures
Phase #2: APIs Development Using Shield Authentication
14 Lectures
Bonus Lectures
2 Lectures

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Online Web Tutor

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