CMMI - Summary

This tutorial covered the Structure of CMMI that consists of the following components −

  • Maturity Levels (staged representation) or Capability Levels (continuous representation)
  • Process Areas
  • Goals: Generic and Specific
  • Common Features
  • Practices: Generic and Specific

We have covered all the maturity levels and capability levels. In addition, we discussed all the Key Process Areas and related Generic Goals, Specific Goals, Common Features and Practices.

Later, we have given you a brief introduction on CMMI Appraisals and showed you the different Appraisal Classes.

What is Next?

SEI CMMI is a big subject that cannot be explained in a small tutorial. So we strongly recommend you to go through other CMMI resources and collect more information on this subject. These resources are listed in the CMMI Resources chapter.

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