Creating Positive Learning Environment

Whether you are a novice or hold decades of teaching experience, every class and every session is a new one. In every teaching new session you need to create a positive learning environment so that students learn better. A positive environment involves students, gives them clear learning goals and enhances their social and academic success.

Students tend to be less distracted and behave well when the class atmosphere is conducive. Hence it is easier to manage the class and stick to a plan. Here are some steps you can take towards creating positive learning environment.


Building Trust

Trust is the most important element of any relationship and teacher-student relationship is no exception. Remember that as the student passes to the next class, you might get to teach her again. If you win the trust of a student once, you will have it till the student remains in the school. So it is well worth the effort. Some simple ways of building trust are −

  • Knowing students’ names
  • Treat students like your own kids
  • Share and distribute responsibilities
  • Be unprejudiced
  • Be ready to ignore some mistakes

Open Communication

Good communication is the key to success of any project and importance of communication cannot be emphasized sufficiently in a classroom scenario. Handling 30 or more students in a group can be a daunting task and you will be able to achieve this only by establishing and encouraging use of communication channels. You need to remember that it cannot be achieved in a day; you need to put in continued effort. Here are some steps you can take in the right direction −

  • Lay down classroom rules clearly and emphatically at the start of the academic year

  • Set aside time for discussions other than academics

  • Listen to a child when she wants to share something

  • Be honest in your dealings with the class a whole

  • Never show favoritism; it prevents children from communication

Always Display Positivity

A positive attitude from the teacher sends out positive signals to the students that something good and positive is going to happen in the class. This gets their attention and sets the tone for a thriving learning environment. Here are some things that exhibit your positivity −

  • Greet cheerfully on entering the class
  • Maintain an erect posture
  • Maintain eye contact
  • Focus on positive behavior of students
  • Get to know each student personally
  • Encourage students to participate in the class
  • Give chance to students
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