CISA Domain 1 Training - Information System Auditing' 2023

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CISA Domain 1 Training - Information System Auditing' 2023

Certified Information System Security Professional

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Lectures -34

Duration -4.5 hours


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Course Description

CISA stands for Certified Information Systems Auditor. It is a globally recognized certification in the field of information security auditing, assurance, and control. This certification is awarded by the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) to professionals who demonstrate proficiency in auditing, monitoring, controlling, and assessing information systems and technology. CISA certification validates the knowledge and skills required to evaluate and manage information systems and provides a competitive edge to professionals seeking career growth in the field of information security.

If you pursue the Information System Auditing role or Information Security assurance role, this course will be your best guide to gain all required information and practices that will help you elevate and build your career.

Our CISA Course is up to date, and relevant to CISA CRM version 27 as of July 2023, ISACA announced the new revised version of CISA will be released by 2024, and the updates that the new version may include will be considered in this training as well. 

CISA domains are as follows:

1. The Process of Auditing Information Systems

- This domain covers the internal and external audit processes, including audit planning, execution, reporting, and follow-up.

2. Governance and Management of IT

- This domain focuses on the management of IT resources, including policies, procedures, standards, and organizational structure.

3. Information Systems Acquisition, Development, and Implementation

- This domain covers the process of acquiring, developing, and implementing information systems, including project management, system development life cycle, and change management.

4. Information Systems Operations, Maintenance, and Support 

- This domain covers the ongoing operations and maintenance of information systems, including incident management, service management, and asset management.

5. Protection of Information Assets 

- This domain covers the protection of information assets, including information security, access controls, encryption, and physical security.

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The objective of this course is to support and supplement the content of ISACA’s official resources. This course is not meant to replace the CISA Review Manual and Question, Answer, and Explanation Manual. 


What will you learn in this course:

  • Become an Information System Auditor or information Security Professional, Achieve your career goals by getting all that you need to know to support your way!

  • Learn the fundamentals of IT Audit and Key aspects of Internal and External Auditing

  • Understand Information System and Information Security Governance and Risk Management Process and control assessment.

  • Understand the Process of Information System Acquisition and IT Project Management metrics!

  • Understand Software development, Software testing, changeover and management, and configuration management process.

  • Understand The IT System Components, how to make it available, and able to adapt to changes, and how to plan for Disasters and Incidents management.

  • Understand how to build the Information System that supports Business requirements and Business Objectives and maintain the security of this system.

  • Understand the Key Security requirements and best practices to audit and validate during audit engagements and control assessment

  • Gain an understanding of many foundational topics such as (IT Network, Cloud, Virtualization, Cryptography, Network Security, Endpoint Security, and more!


What are the prerequisites for this course?

  • No requirements, everything will be explained from scratch, however basic understanding for IT and Security will be beneficial to keep the pace!

CISA Domain 1 Training - Information System Auditing' 2023


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

Domain - 1 Course Introduction
2 Lectures
  • play icon Welcome-to-the-course 02:03 02:03
  • play icon What-is-cisa-certification 05:45 05:45
Domain - 1 Introdution to IS Auditing
5 Lectures
Domain - 1 IS Auditing Execution
8 Lectures
Domain - 1 Audit Risk Sampling and Reporting
5 Lectures
Domain - 1 CSA and CAAT
5 Lectures
Domain - 1 Emerging Technologies
5 Lectures
Domain-1 Recap and Questions
4 Lectures

Instructor Details

Cyvitrix Learning

Cyvitrix Learning

At Cyvitrix, we provide Training courses that help you as students to conquer and pass your certification exams from first attempt.

Our courses are designed to provide you all what you need in order not only to pass the exam, but also to apply this knowledge to elevate and support your career objectives

Why training with us is ideal for you?

- Excellent quality video content

- High courses quality

- Organized materials

- Real life scenarios and examples

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