ChatGPT Your all-in-one daily companion

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ChatGPT Your all-in-one daily companion

The Ultimate Guide to ChatGPT: Your Personal AI Assistant

updated on icon Updated on Dec, 2023

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Lectures -8

Quizzes -1

Duration -35 mins


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Course Description

  • This course is designed to help individuals utilize the power of ChatGPT, an advanced language model, to enhance their daily lives.

  • Students will learn how to access and use ChatGPT, set up preferences and customizations, and get the most out of its capabilities.

  • The course covers various use cases for ChatGPT, including information and learning, productivity, communication, socialization, and advanced techniques.

  • Students will learn how to ask questions and get instant answers, use ChatGPT for research and homework help, and learn new things through ChatGPT.

  • The course covers how to set reminders, make to-do lists, and use ChatGPT as a personal assistant for productivity.

  • Students will learn how to use ChatGPT for companionship and entertainment, social media and online messaging, and language translation and communication with people from different cultures.

  • The course also covers advanced techniques, such as customizing ChatGPT's responses and behavior, teaching it new skills and abilities, and using it for creative writing and content generation.

  • Ethics and limitations of using ChatGPT in daily life is discussed, including potential risks and how to use ChatGPT responsibly and safely.

  • By the end of the course, students will have a comprehensive understanding of how to use ChatGPT to improve their daily lives and increase their productivity and knowledge.


What will you learn in this course:

  • Understanding of ChatGPT and its capabilities.
  • Learn to customize ChatGPT to suit different applications and fine-tune it to learn new skills and abilities.
  • Learn to use ChatGPT for creative writing and content generation.
  • Learn to use ChatGPT for customer service interactions with examples.
  • Understanding of how ChatGPT has been used in various industries.
  • Learn the ethics of using ChatGPT and the limitations and potential risks of ChatGPT.


What are the prerequisites for this course?

  • Basic computer skills, including knowledge of how to use a web browser and navigate a computer.
  • Familiarity with natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning concepts.
  • Some programming experience in a language such as Python, which is commonly used for working with AI models like ChatGPT.
  • Knowledge of data preprocessing techniques, such as cleaning and formatting text data.
  • Familiarity with cloud computing platforms and APIs, such as AWS, Google Cloud, or OpenAI.
ChatGPT Your all-in-one daily companion


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

1 Lectures
  • play icon Introduction 02:37 02:37
Get started with ChatGPT
2 Lectures
Using ChatGPT for Information and Learning
1 Lectures
Use ChatGPT for productivity
1 Lectures
Role of ChatGPT in communication and socialization
1 Lectures
Advanced Techniques of ChatGPT
1 Lectures
ChatGPT Ethics & Limitations
1 Lectures

Instructor Details

Imran Zakir

Imran Zakir

About me

I am Imran Zakir experienced accounting teacher with over 15 years of experience in the field of accounting and finance. I hold a Master's degree in Business & Accounting from The University of Notre Dame Australia. Before joining The University of Technology & Applied Sciences as an accounting teacher, I worked for an accounting firm, where I gained valuable experience in financial analysis and financial reporting.

Teaching Approach:

My teaching approach is focused on creating an engaging and interactive learning experience for my students. I believe in the power of practical application and strive to provide real-world examples and case studies to help students understand the concepts better. I emphasize a hands-on approach, encouraging students to actively participate in exercises and projects to reinforce their learning.

Course Offerings:

Comprehensive courses covering fundamental principles and techniques

Advanced courses exploring complex concepts and strategies

Up-to-date courses on cutting-edge developments and emerging trends

Specialized courses focusing on specific areas or skills

Teaching Style:

I believe in creating a supportive and collaborative learning environment. I encourage my students to ask questions, participate in discussions, and share their own experiences. I provide timely feedback and strive to address individual learning needs, ensuring each student can maximize their potential.

Why Choose My Courses?

Comprehensive Content: My courses cover a wide range of topics, ensuring a well-rounded understanding of Accounting & AI.

Real-world Applications: I emphasize practical application, enabling students to apply their knowledge to real-world scenarios.

Engaging and Interactive: I use quizzes, and practical exercises, assignments in my courses, to keep students engaged throughout the learning process.

Expertise and Experience: With my extensive industry experience, I offer valuable insights and practical tips that go beyond theoretical knowledge.

Continuous Support: I am committed to supporting my students beyond the course material. I provide ongoing assistance and guidance to help students succeed.

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