C++ Certification

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C++ Certification

Experience project-based learning with this beginner to pro Certification and broaden your career scope threefold.

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Explore the extensive curriculum of carefully crafted video courses.

Fundamentals of Object Oriented Programming with C++
68 Lectures | 7 hr 5 min | 7 Preview Lectures
C++ OOP Mastery
26 Lectures | 3 hr 32 min | 3 Preview Lectures
C++ Programming -Beginner to Expert 2022
45 Lectures | 5 hr 21 min | 5 Preview Lectures
Learn C++ Intermediate Pointers, Structures, and File Stream
69 Lectures | 6 hr 23 min | 5 Preview Lectures
Qt QML with C++
39 Lectures | 14 hr 32 min | 4 Preview Lectures
Practical C++ Programming Practices (100+ Common Projects)
108 Lectures | 10 hr 51 min | 6 Preview Lectures
C++ Tutorial
289 Pages | Author: Tutorialspoint


Make the most of this Certification to learn everything you need in one place.

Get Started

  • Master the fundamentals of C++.

  • Organize code with .hpp and .cpp files.

  • Develop OOP code with C++.

  • Understand local and global variables.

  • Use Google Test for unit tests in C++.

  • Learn Data Structures & Sorting Algorithms.

  • Overview

    Experience hands-on learning with this C++ Certification from beginner to advanced level. Learn the fundamentals of C++ with OOPS concepts, Arrays, strings, C++ Intermediate Pointers, Structures, File Stream, Qt QML with C++, along with C++ Programming Practices.

    C++ Certification Overview

    C++ Certification at Tutorialspoint consists of a set of hand-picked courses by the best experts. The curriculum has been curated to simplify all the technicalities for our learners so that they can easily understand modern C++ concepts. This all-in-one Certification helps learners master the skill with its step-by-step approach. Learners will be able to practice C++ with 100+ programming practices, build projects, and develop test-driven development through C++ searching and sorting algorithms. 

    What is C++?

    C++, also known as "C with classes," is a computer language based on the C programming language. As a general-purpose programming language, C++ features may be customized for various systems and purposes. C++ is a programming language that is used by experts to create a broad range of products, such as:

    • Digital games

    • Online browsers

    • Databases

    • Aircraft flight simulators

    • Specialized television and film effects programs

    • Technology in medicine

    • Software and hardware for research

    • Equipment for virtual and augmented reality

    Scope of Course

    • C++ is ranked the fastest-growing programming language according to TIOBE’s August 2023 Programming Community index. 

    • With the help of  C++, you can build a career as a front-end, back-end, and full-stack developer. 

    • On average, a C++ programmer earns $95,334 per year. 

    • With C++ programming expertise skills, you will have excellent job opportunities, salaries, and career prospects along with Java and Python languages. 

    Why Should You Learn C++?

    Learning C++ will help you build a strong base and will also be helpful for learning additional programming languages, paving the way for you to succeed as a code developer. This C++ Intermediate Programming Course is for you if you're serious about learning C++ and want to advance dynamic memory allocation strategies. 

    It will also help you enhance your abilities, give you an edge over other candidates, and strengthen your coding abilities. After learning C++, switching to alternative technology stacks will be comparatively easier as long as you have a solid understanding of the foundations and intermediate ideas. You can easily transition to any other programming language if you are familiar with C++ Intermediate programming approaches that you will learn here. 

    This certification will help you with new coding ideas, tools, and languages, which can help you move up the corporate ladder. After obtaining the fundamental C++ certificates, you may advance your expertise by finishing more specialized courses like those for video game development, which can open up new employment opportunities for you.

    Possessing one or more C++ certificates may offer you a leg up when applying for jobs as a programmer, software developer, computer engineer, or in other IT-related fields. These certificates attest to your coding expertise and corroborate the details you provide in your CV and interview.


    • A computer and a strong will to learn

    • Basics of C++ programming knowledge

    • A C++ development environment already configured in either Windows, Linux, or OS X.

    • An internet connection for downloading libraries.

    • Interested in learning sorting and searching Algorithms

    C++ Certification


    Use your Certification to demonstrate expertise and advance your career. Earn big by mastering technology as a whole.

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    Does this Certification require any prior knowledge?

    No, this is a complete A to Z Certification and therefore does not need any prior knowledge.

    What are the benefits of this Certification?

    In this Certification, you will: 

    • Master C++ basics.
    • Organize code with .hpp and .cpp files.
    • Develop OOP code with C++.
    • Understand local and global variables.
    • Use Google Test for unit tests in C++.
    • Learn Data Structures & Sorting Algorithms.

    Does this Certification have lifetime access?

    Yes, Tutorials Point offers lifetime access to all its Certifications/ Courses. So, once you purchase a Certification/Course, you can access it anytime in the future.

    What are the various career options that can be pursued with this Certification?

    Below are the job opportunities after learning C++:

    Some great career options that can be pursued with this Certification are: 

    • Developer
    • Software Engineer
    • Coder
    • Programmer

    Does this Certification have a refund policy?

    Yes, Tutorials Point offers a 30-Days Money Back Guarantee for all its Certifications/Courses. 

    What is the duration of this Certification?

    This Certification consists of 6 video courses and has an overall duration of under 48 hours. With the right dedication, you can complete this Certification within a short span of time.

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