Catia V5 Comprehensive Training

These video series cover every part of CATIA V5 in detailed and this course is created by a 30-year experienced instructor.

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What will students learn in this course?

1) Solid Modelling – Part Design 2) Surface Modelling – Wireframe design 3) Assembly design – Assembly of parts created from parts modeling, surface modeling & Sheet metal modeling. 4) Sheet metal Modelling: Mainly it is related to sheet metal drawings. I.e. Fabrication drawings, that involves more of welding & press work. Sheet thickness less than 12 mm 5) Drafting design: Here we generate the 2D dimensional drawings & bill of material from the 3D models & assembly design that are issued directly to the machine shop to manufacture/fabricate the machine/assembly.

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Course description

CATIA is expanded as a “Computer-Aided Three-dimensional Interactive application” Catia Cad software is developed by Dassault Systemes, one of the world-leading CAM/CAM/CAE software designers. CATIA provides three basic platforms: P, P2 & P3. P1 is for small & medium-sized process industries. P2 is for advanced engineering companies. P3 is for high-end design applications, in particular automotive & aerospace industries.

CATIA is used by various automotive, aeronautical, auto manufacturing companies, in architectural projects to develop blueprints. Various companies using CATIA are Airbus, Bombardier, Bentley, Ford, Hyundai, Volkswagen etcetera. If you intent of working in any such company, then you are in the right place. My Excel Class has brought you this unique opportunity to learn CATIA V5. Being an expensive course, you won't be able to find its training in institute or college easily. Here is the right platform, here is the right time to take up the right thing. Being a Mechanical Engineer, CATIA V5 is like adding a feather in your cap and helps you in getting a much better job. If you go in for an interview with CATIA mastery, you have times more chances of getting selected than any other candidate. What you will get from this course?

Lifetime access to the course  My Excel Class provides you lifetime access to the course. You can study whenever you want without any time boundary which usually persists in classroom lectures. You can repeatedly watch lectures as per your requirement.

Efficient and effective teaching – Here you get complete and clear knowledge of all the concepts and additional tips and tricks for recalling various tools in their absolute manner. These lectures cover all the concepts and their relations efficiently and thoroughly.

Interactive process  Learning is not just listening to what the teacher says but its a two-way process requiring the learner to follow up with what the teacher teaches. This is an interactive solution and clarifies all your doubts at the earliest.

Economical product  This product is priced at rock bottom level keeping in view educational value. My Excel Class provides standard products at a low price for maintaining friendly relations with customers.

Entry to intermediate level  This course is compatible with novices as well as with the people possessing some knowledge. To build a strong foundation of the course and learn complex features, all the fields are explained in detail.

Cost, time, and effort saving  This course saves your hefty amount of fees which you could have paid in coaching centers, time spent on reaching classes leaving all the important work, the effort you could have made in all this process, and making notes. My Excel Class provides solutions to all your problems, here you get low priced but the high-quality course which is time flexible and places suitable and you need not make any extra effort preparing notes as all the concepts are divided into a series of lectures so that you can switch to any. So, with this course, you are in a win-win position. This course provides you quick and effective learning. It is like having a personal tutor. These lectures are prepared by a team of 20 professionals who researched the world over and compiled this series of lectures. This course is specially designed keeping in view trainee's requirements which they encountered during research. All the topics are divided into a series of lectures in order so that you can switch to any lecture that you want.


  • 1) Solid Modelling – Part Design 2) Surface Modelling – Wire frame design 3) Assembly design – Assembly of parts created from parts modelling, surface modelling & Sheet metal modelling. 4) Sheet metal Modelling: Mainly it is related


  • Basic knowledge of computer and CATIA V5 SOFTWARE
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Catia V5 Comprehensive Training
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