Business Attire

Business attire is the term used to describe the clothing employees wear, or are expected to wear to work. Depending on the workplace, profession, even the geographic region where you work, various levels of business attire are the norm.

Dress Code and Attire

Most employees wanting to fit into the workplace, dress up formally in the expected way, and don’t need an official dress code to understand what constitutes appropriate business attire. However, there are many people who make mistakes while dressing up for formal occasions. The following guide will help you in understanding the appropriate ways to dress up.


Ties are used to hide the button-line of the shirt, hence they are usually not worn with shirts that don’t have buttons running vertically across through them. In addition to that, they are used to add a bit of color to the solids and pastel colors.

The following Points should be followed to look professional with the tie −

  • The tie’s color should be of a darker shade of the shirt color to continue the color theme of your shirt.

  • A larger tie knot gives a more confident look and a thinner tie gives an elegant look. People attending important meetings generally wear tie thicker knots and people from fashion, hospitality, and art industry tend to use thinner knots.

  • Tip of the wider end must be at belt level so that the belt-buckle can be exposed. Remember that the belt is one of the most important accessories for men, in addition to watch and shoes.

  • Avoid distracting patterns and colors, as these give an informal look and divert attention.


Belt, Shoes, Bags

Belts and shoes play a major role as male accessories. Belts break the color continuity of the shirt, the same way shoes do with the trousers. That is the reason experts advise against wearing shoes of the same color as trousers and belt of the same color as the shirt. In most cases, wearing a belt the same color as the trousers is also considered odd.

Male Accessories

Here is a set of guidelines that you should follow −

  • Avoid pointed shoes as they were worn by the royalty and still carry that image.

  • Avoid boots and sport shoes, as they refer to the trekking and sports industry, which couldn’t be the industry you are applying for a job with.

  • Shoes, Belts, folders and watches should be of the same color.

  • Black and dark brown colored shoes only as they look formal.

  • Shoes should be neat and polished.

Unformal Shoes