Build An Experimental Projects In IOT With Raspberry pi Using Python And Java

person icon Gasbaoui Mohammed Al Amine

Build An Experimental Projects In IOT With Raspberry pi Using Python And Java

internet of thing , java, python,raspberry pi ,IOT, ThingSpeak , Adafruit-IO

updated on icon Updated on Sep, 2023

language icon Language - English

person icon Gasbaoui Mohammed Al Amine

architecture icon Raspberry Pi,IoT,Java,Python,Development


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Course Description

The internet of things will change everything including ourselves, The internet has an impact on communication , science , government and humanity ,The Internet of Things is a new technology of the internet accessing ,By the internet of things objects recognize themselves and obtain intelligence behavior by making or enabling related decisions thinks to the fact that they communicate information about themselves.

for that i created this course for all levels to get a general overview about this concepts and the latest technologies used in this domain basing on raspberry pi and programming using python and java in addition to interact with different electronics components

in this course will be cover every things that has a relation with any software engineering developer (programming , developing ,databases, data security ...)

the Topics which will be see in this course are :

IOT Basics

  • IOT definitions and application domains

  • IOT communication technologies

Electronics Components

  • Set up the raspberry pi and OS installing

  • Interacting with Raspberry Pi Board and some electronics components(led,servo motor,LM35,arduino,serial port) using python

ThingSpeak Cloud

  • creating a channel and fields

  • thingspeak http request

  • interacting with other widgets

  • Fetching data from thingspeak

  • trigger actions (sending email , ThingTweet,ThingHttp)

Adafruit-IO Cloud

  • Interacting with adafruit feeds

  • Sending data into adafruit-io

  • Fetching data from adafruit-io cloud

  • Interacting with different blocks(toggle button ,map, number pad)

MQTT Protocol

  • Sending and receiving data using mqtt protocol

  • Home automation based on mqtt protocol

  • Developing a python code to control the home automation

  • Trigger an actions(into other feed or into IFTTT)

Graphical Desktop Application Home Automation

  • Developing GUI Using Java swing

  • Interacting With socket network

  • Sending Data over TCP/IP

  • Storing Data sensors in database

  • Using ngrok tools

Security In IOT

  • Developing an algorithm to encrypt and decrypt the data

I put all my capacities and my experience in this course , i think it covers the most thing and technics needed in this field and to go forward in your IOT projects, so take a step to enroll the course and to get a new things in your career ,there is always a 30 day money back guarantee so you’re safe about investing your money into this course.


What will you learn in this course:

  • A general Overview About Internet Of Things Definitions And Application Domains
  • Interacting With Raspberry pi And Different Electronics Components
  • Interactiong With ThingSpeak IOT Cloud
  • Interactiong With Adafruit-io IOT Cloud
  • Creating An Amazing Dashboard Form Home Appliances
  • Developing And Programming Using Python And Java
  • Home Automation Based On MQTT Protocol
  • Developing GUI(Graphical User Interface) Using Java Swing
  • Interacting With Databases
  • A general OverView about Data Security Algorithm


What are the prerequisites for this course?

  • Basic computer Programming skills
  • A Raspberry Pi Board
  • A willingness To Learn And To Be Patient
Build An Experimental Projects In IOT With Raspberry pi Using Python And Java


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

Introduction Into Internet Of Things
5 Lectures
  • play icon General Overview About The Course 02:57 02:57
  • play icon What We Will Cover ? 03:42 03:42
  • play icon About The Course
  • play icon Iot Definition And Generalities 05:47 05:47
  • play icon Iot Application Domain And Communication Technologies 07:33 07:33
Interacting With Electronics Components
8 Lectures
ThingSpeaK IOT Cloud
9 Lectures
Adafruit-IO Cloud
9 Lectures
MQTT Protocol With Adafruit-IO
9 Lectures
Building A Full Project Home Automation
13 Lectures
Interacting With Database Over Home Automation Project
12 Lectures
Security In IOT
3 Lectures

Instructor Details

gasbaoui mohammed al amine

gasbaoui mohammed al amine

gasbaoui, software engineering,java,IOT,home automation

Hi friends , I'm gasbaoui mohammed el amine  , I spent  five years developing application  for desktop and mobile using java.

I got master degree in bechar university ALGERIA  in computer science domain ,my major is information system and network.

i created many applications in cybersecurity field [like a ransomware,  keylogger, email bombing and malicious program (spy virus)] , management system and internet of things projects.

i am very patient for coding, very interested for new technologies and development.

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