Brazilian Jiu Jitsu - Terms


Before going into the details of the game, let us discuss some of the important terms used in the game.

  • Amber − Amber is a type of arm lock. It is a position where a player has full control over the opponent’s hand by tightly grasping and crossing your legs over it.

  • Base − It defines a good balance on surface. If the player is having good base, that means it is difficult to knock him out from the ground.

  • Belt − BJJ martial comprises of five belts – White, Purple, Brown, Black and Blue. White belt is for the beginners of BJJ martial arts and black is for highest rank.

  • Breakfall − It is a technique in which a BJJ martial art person reduces the impact of falling on the ground.

  • Bridge − A technique to dislodge the opponent from mounting position when a player is laying on the ground.

  • Butterfly Guard − It is a technique to grab the opponent in such a way that he cannot apply his game plan.

  • Clinch − It is a position where one person has a better control over the opponent in a standing position.

  • Cross Fit − It is a combination of weightlifting, power lifting, gymnastics, medicine ball training etc.

  • Crank − This is a term used for abnormal position of body to cause pain.

  • Close Guard − It is a classic way to control the opponent. In a close guard, the legs are locked around the opponent and the player can control the opponent by grabbing his hand by one hand and head in the other hand.

  • GI − The other name of BJJ uniform is GI. This uniform is made of fine material so that it cannot get held by the opponent easily.

  • GI Choke − GI choke is said to that choke where you apply choking technique on your opponent by using his GI (BJJ uniform).

  • Guard − The Guard is a ground position in which a player has to attack his opponent in various joint locks. This can be regarded as a dominating position.

  • Spider guard − It is applicable only if the opponent is in standing or kneeling position. Spider guard is used for grappling.

  • NO GI − No GI refers to the training without BJJ uniform or GI jacket.

  • Mount − It is the position where a person is above the opponent’s body.

  • Soulcraft − It is an activity which results in modifying and shaping the body of a person concerned.

  • OSS − In BJJ, OSS is uttered by a student by hearing any instruction from their teacher.

  • Submission − Submission is a technique that chokes a joint of opponent which makes it impossible to continue the fight. If any player does the submission, then the opponent will be declared as the winner.

  • Take Down − If a player is able to take his opponent down then he will earn two points. It is a technique to put the opponent down on the ground.