Blockchain Made Easy

Learn about the revolutionary Blockchain technology, Ethereum/EVM, Smart Contracts, dApps, and Cryptocurrency


Tried Learning Blockchain?

Was it all in bits and pieces?

Then now you are in the right place. Here no material is in bits and pieces because we have focused on a total journey from a newbie to full-stack professional blockchain developer. We have gone through all topics needed for a solid concept and then we will be going more into the practical side. Once you have mastered blockchain there is no getting back from excellence in your career. Allow me to present the beauty of blockchain through this course.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in a great introduction course to Blockchain, Ethereum, Smart Contracts, decentralised applications(dApps)
  • anyone interested to learn more about Blockchain
  • any developers interested to learn about Blockchain and dApp development skills
  • frontend and backend developers interested in Blockchain & dApp development
  • entrepreneurs interested in Blockchain
  • entrepreneurs who want to start a Blockchain startup
  • anyone who wants a good introduction to Blockchain technology and its potential applications
  • Newbies to Blockchain
  • Anyone interested in learning about blockchain and cryptocurrencies
  • People interested to learn about Bitcoin as the first Blockchain application
  • Anyone interested to learn about Ethereum, Solidity, Smart Contracts, decentralized applications(dApps)
  • Anyone interested to learn how to develop decentralised applications(dApps)
  • Anyone interested to learn more about this revolutionary technology called Blockchain
  • students and others who would like to learn Blockchain skills


  • Learn about the revolutionary Blockchain technology, Ethereum/EVM, Smart Contracts, dApps, and Cryptocurrency
  • What is the Blockchain, how is the growth of Blockchain, and if you learn it you can grow fast in the future.
  • Intro: total journey from a newbie to full-stack professional blockchain developer
  • all topics covered that's needed for a solid concept of blockchain
  • A new technology can only be understood if you know its building blocks and technologies.
  • The need to learn Blockchain over other courses comes only when the world gets to know the advantages of blockchain.
  • The whole process of blockchain broken into parts to make you understand better.
  • Know the different types of blockchain and its features. Also, it has an in-depth view of bitcoin and its functionalities.
  • Keep up with the latest cryptocurrencies and their workings.
  • Understand Ethereum and Smart Contracts. Advantages of smart contracts.
  • Know the basics of EVM and Dapps. Dapps’ advantages over conventional apps.
  • Go through how industrial blockchain dapps and solutions can be created. Create your own blockchain based solutions.
  • Full-stack dapp creation and a fast-track way to have your solution at the top of the list.


  • None, just an interest in Blockchain.
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  • What and Why of Blockchain
  • Underlying technologies of Blockchain
  • Advantages of Blockchain
  • How Blockchain works
  • Types of blockchain and bitcoin
  • Libra [Facebook’s cryptocurrency]
  • Ethereum [The revolution in Blockchain technology]
  • EVM [Unbelievable 256 bit machines] and Dapps
  • Forming Blockchain Solution - 1
  • Forming Blockchain Solution - 2
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Blockchain Made Easy
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