Blazor - Real World Developer Portfolio (WASM + Web API)

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Blazor - Real World Developer Portfolio (WASM + Web API)

Learn in-demand technologies by building a dev portfolio: C#, .NET 6, Blazor WebAssembly, ASP.NET Web API and Azure.

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Course Description

You have done the basic tutorials. You kind of understand C#, HTML, CSS and ASP.NET but you don't feel fully ready yet to tackle a real world application alone. Well if that's you then this is the course you need. In this project based course we'll build a real world web application for a fictional developer named John Doe.

It's NOT for medior and senior devs that are already very able to build full stack web apps on their own. No, in this course I'll show junior and aspiring devs how to build a complete web app in the Microsoft .NET stack and explain everything as if we were a pair programming couple.

Developers get paid a lot of money to build applications with this stack. According to Glassdoor, the national average salary in the United States for .Net Developers is $96,000 dollars per year.

The most important technologies you'll learn are C#, .NET 6 LTS, Blazor WASM, ASP.NET Core Web API, The Microsoft Azure Cloud and GitHub.

This is a practical, follow-along, no-nonsense course and the end result will be a beautiful and functional developer portfolio web app. It has a secured admin area with Content Management System (CMS) features using a data-driven ASP.NET Core Web API and a Blazor WebAssembly front end.

So I'm Ruben and it's my goal to help people learn software development with C# and .NET and I do that by creating educational content about it.

I have taken a lot of online programming courses myself and while taking them I often had ideas on how I'd communicate the things they're teaching differently.

I bundled all those ideas I had and implemented them in this course. One of them is seeing the teacher's face. I learn better when I see a teacher's face, so I'll actually show my face in all the lectures. Second, I am going to write out all the code that matters, so no annoying copy pasting of important logic and third no annoying "I have made some progress off camera.". There won't be any gaps I've done off camera between lectures.

As we progress through the application we come across basic and intermediate concepts about the technologies we're working with, I explain these subjects and point you to good resources on the internet about them as we encounter them, so you're not overloaded with information before you've even seen a line of code.

The best learning strategy I have personally found (having been in the IT field for 7 years now as a student, employee and entrepreneur) is to learn some theory and then putting that into practice as soon as possible. This really cements the new information into my brain. So I teach people using this same strategy.

This way of teaching allows my students to get a lot of value from my courses and the people paying for your skills will notice you'll have a deep understanding of your stack. This will lead to you growing faster in your career, which in turn allows you to earn more money.

There's no risk for you because here on TutorialsPoint there is a No Questions Asked 100% refund for 30 days.

It's up to you to take action!

Who this course is for:

  • Aspiring to junior+ programmers
  • Aspiring to junior+ developers
  • People interested in Microsoft technologies
  • People interested in ASP .NET
  • People interested in Web Development


What will you learn in this course:

  • Blazor WebAssembly

  • C#

  • .NET 6

  • ASP .NET Core Web API

  • Entity Framework Core

  • Microsoft Azure

  • Git

  • GitHub

  • SQLite

  • HTML

  • CSS

  • Bootstrap 5

  • Agile/Scrum project management

  • Software architecture


What are the prerequisites for this course?

  • Computer with an internet connection (videos are recorded in Windows 11)
  • C# Fundamentals (variables, functions, loops etc.)
  • HTML and CSS fundamentals, NO JavaScript knowledge needed
  • (Recommended) Web Development basics (Client Server model, HTTP, JSON etc.)
Blazor - Real World Developer Portfolio (WASM + Web API)


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

Section 1: Introduction
4 Lectures
  • play icon Getting the most out of this course
  • play icon Why learn C#, ASP.NET and Blazor 05:22 05:22
  • play icon What you'll learn and how you'll learn it 05:20 05:20
  • play icon ASP.NET and Blazor introduction 07:47 07:47
Section 2: Creating the Walking Skeleton
26 Lectures
Section 3: Expanding the Public Front End
10 Lectures
Section 4: Expanding the Back End
10 Lectures
Section 5: Creating the Admin Area Front End
25 Lectures
Section 6: Finishing the Public Front End
4 Lectures
Section 7: Adding Authentication With ASP.NET Identity
12 Lectures

Instructor Details

Ruben Heeren

Ruben Heeren

Ruben Heeren – .NET Developer/Online Educator

I'm Ruben Heeren, a .NET Developer and Online Educator.

I like solving problems with software and sharing knowledge. My love for learning allows me to keep growing as a person and as a developer.

It's my goal to help people learn software development with .NET and I do that by creating educational content about it.

Over the years I have obtained a lot of knowledge about software development via traditional schooling, certifications, freelancing and working for companies. I must admit I have learned the most by teaching myself something online, actually building my own projects and then explaining it to others.

I'm now focused on sharing my knowledge with others. Teaching in a practical way with no fluff allows my students to get a lot of value from my courses.

Thank you for your interest and hopefully we'll chat soon in the student community!

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