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Behind Boardroom Doors: Achieving Governance Advantage

Created by Blair Cook, Last Updated 30-Dec-2019, Language:English

Behind Boardroom Doors: Achieving Governance Advantage

Business Management & Organization: Governance

Created by Blair Cook, Last Updated 30-Dec-2019, Language:English


  • Prerequisite: Finance leadership experience


This course will provide participants with a look behind the boardroom doors to evaluate the effectiveness of corporate governance systems.  Today’s corporate directors, and the executive teams with whom they work, are being challenged by the owners of the organization more so than ever to not only protect their interests, but also enhance corporate performance.

As boards already struggle to balance the growing list of regulatory compliance requirements, we are going to identify and explore three key board leadership roles that differentiate good boards from great ones.

We will look at ways the Board can make valuable contributions to value creation and long-term viability by achieving what we will describe during the course as Governance Advantage.

Learning Objectives

  • Define the roles and responsibilities of the Board, directors, and the CEO
  • Identify the 3 critical board leadership roles necessary for achieving Governance Advantage.
  • Discover the content and development of the meeting agendas for the Board and the Audit Committee.
  • Discover how to prepare and develop information that meets the needs of directors.
  • Recognize the Board’s role in the organization’s strategic management process.
  • Identify and discuss the way in which a Board can add value to an organization.
  • Discover how to develop and formulate incisive questions of fellow directors and management.

Course Content

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