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Basic Principles of Organic Chemistry

Created by Revathi Ramachandran, Last Updated 06-Aug-2019, Language:English

Basic Principles of Organic Chemistry

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Created by Revathi Ramachandran, Last Updated 06-Aug-2019, Language:English



Organic Chemistry is one of the most important branches of Chemistry. Organic compounds can be found all around us and its applications have profound impact on human life and environment. Hence, it is imperative to understand the basic principles that govern various organic reactions, its mechanisms, reactive intermediates and products. In this chapter, important concepts like structure and classification of organic compounds, IUPAC nomenclature, electronic displacement effects, types of organic reactions and methods of purification of organic compounds will be discussed.


This video has been prepared to address the curriculum requirements of 11th Class students. The concepts discussed will also find applications in several competitive examinations like JEE-Mains, NEET along with board examinations.

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Revathi Ramachandran

Revathi Ramachandran has completed her Masters in Advanced Chemical Analysis from IIT-Roorkee and bachelors from BITS Hyderabad. She has almost 2 years of teaching experience in Chemistry and has commendable research experiences from top research institutes in the country. She is also an Indian Academy of Science fellow and has research publications from reputed journals to her credit. At Tutorialspoint, she is managing chemistry content creation.