Bank Management - Marketing

Bank marketing is known for its nature of developing a unique brand image, which is treated as the capital reputation of the financial academy. It is very important for a bank to develop good relationship with valued customers accompanied by innovative ideas which can be used as measures to meet their requirements.

Customers expect quality services and returns. There are good chances that the quality factor will be the sole determinant of successful banking corporations. Therefore, Indian banks need to acknowledge the imperative of proactive Bank Marketing and Customer Relationship Management and also take systematic steps in this direction.

Marketing Approach

The banking industry provides different types of banking and allied services to its clients. Bank customers are mostly people and enterprises that have surplus or lack of funds and those who require various types of financial and related services. These customers are from different strata of the economy, they belong to different geographical regions, areas and are into different professions and businesses.

It is quite natural for the requirement of each individual group of customers to be unique from the requirements of other groups. Thus, it is important to acknowledge distinct homogenous groups and even sub-groups of customers, and then with maximum precision conclude their requirements, design schemes to suit their particular requirements, and deliver them most efficiently.

Basically, banks engage in transaction of products and services through their retail outlets known as branches to different customers at the grassroots level. This is referred as the ‘top to bottom’ approach.

It should be ‘bottom to top’ approach with customers at the grassroots level as the target point to work out with different products or schemes to match the requirements of various homogenous groups of customers. Hence, bank marketing approach, is considered as a group or “collective” approach.

Bank management as a collective approach or a selective approach is a fundamental identification of the fact that banks need customer oriented approach. In simple words, bank marketing is the design structure, layout and delivery of customer-needed services worked out by checking out the corporate objectives of the bank and environmental constraints.

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