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B2B (Business to Business) Sales & Marketing is defined as a process of marketing and selling of products to other companies/organizations for use in the production of their goods/products. These videos tutorial comprehensively covers a whole gamut of techniques starting from basics, fundamental to advanced strategies to device and formulate a winning B2B Sales & Marketing Strategy.


The audience include but not limited to business management students, marketing professionals working in marketing department of B2B companies and marketing consulting companies offering marketing consultation to B2B companies.

Asif Hussain

Asif Hussain has 25 years of experience in Software/IT industries working in India and Abroad. 15 years specialized in – Digital Marketing, Business Consulting, Branding & Management, Corporate Communication, Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Business Analysis, RFP, RFI, CMS/Content Marketing, Writing & Documentation, Digital Marketing Trainer, and 10 years’ experience in Analytics, Digital Transformation SMAC (Social Mobile Analytics & Cloud), Design Thinking, Web Analytics, Mobility Analytics and Growth Hacking.

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