AWS for Everyone-Learn & Build your First Serverless Backend

person icon Sundar Singh, Naveen Selvaraj

AWS for Everyone-Learn & Build your First Serverless Backend

Learn IAM, Lambda, Cognito, DynamoDB, API Gateway, S3, SAM, Amplify, Route53, EC2, Alexa Skill and 2 Capstone Projects.

updated on icon Updated on Oct, 2023

language icon Language - English

person icon Sundar Singh, Naveen Selvaraj

architecture icon Amazon AWS,Cloud Computing,Databases,IT & Software

Lectures -141

Resources -14

Duration -9 hours


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Course Description

Why learn this course?

Cloud Computing skills, more precisely Amazon Web service (AWS) skills, are capital intensive and will definitely be booming in the market for a very long time period. Being an IT professional, learning Amazon Web service (AWS) has become a mandatory and authentic way to advance their career and companies are ready to pay top-dollar for specialists in the increasingly common AWS platform.

Now is the time that we must upgrade for the future technology that is going to rule the market for decades from now on.

"Time is money" so don’t ignore this excellent course that will lead not only earn you trucks of money but also sharpen your proficiency with AWS.

After exhaustive research and development for the past two years, we have built each and every section to make you mastery in AWS. Working with the information technology for a 1/2 a decade, after detailed study we have made this crystal clear that the market is currently looking for, so don’t miss out on this Great Learning curve.

What you will learn?

Build your first serverless backend without even thinking about servers and cost. In our Serverless setup, your code will respond instantly when needed and will not incur costs when at rest.

In short, we will create our application that decreases their go-to-market time and builds in lightweight, flexible applications that can be expanded or updated quickly. As I quoted earlier "Time is money", while other developers who spend tons of their hours to solve business problems through the traditional approach, we here will spend less time comparatively in fabricating our application in a highly secure, flexible, scalable, and cost-effective manner.

Technically and in short you will learn,

" Pure Serverless " involves creating a Lambda function that communicates with REST API in API Gateway to exchange the data, and respond to the Android Mobile application frontend. Moreover, it’s like a full-stack application that gives you a clear understanding of different layers of architecture. In order to store the data in the backend, we will use Dynamo DB as storage and meet the current trending Technology requirements we have, in addition, integrated Alexa skill which interacts with our serverless application and you would get a new experience working with voice assistants like Alexa. Finally, for hosting Single page static web hosting with S3 storage service that lets you host a simple web application.

When it comes to Web hosting, we surely need a DNS routing, which is also covered in AWS Route 53.

Simply having technical classes is boredom for sure so, we have included some interesting Capstone projects, Assignments, and Quizzes in each section to make you more interactive and sharpen your Technical Skills with AWS.

We are happy to Welcome you Aboard!!!


What will you learn in this course:

  • Overview on cloud computing and Amazon Web services.
  • Learn the fundamentals of core AWS services that are surging in the Information Technology market.
  • Authentication with IAM , Storage and Web Hosting with S3.
  • Deep dive into Serverless concepts - Both Hands on and Technical understating with API Gateway, Lambda, DynamoDB, Cognito.
  • Hosting a Single Page Web Application - Get mastered on Hosting SPA's without even Provisioning servers in a matter of minutes.
  • Capstone Project 1 Binary Health - Get experience with Real Time Projects which has Serverless Backend, Android application. More like a Full Stack Development.
  • Capstone Project 2  Binary Health Alexa Skill - Integrating Voice Assistant to our Capstone project 1.


What are the prerequisites for this course?

  • A windows, Linux or Mac PC/Laptop.
  • Basic Programming Concepts (Not an Issue if you don't have, we will teach you).
  • Need not to be an expert in AWS and Programming.
  • You will need a credit card to create an AWS account.
  • Alexa developer account which is free of cost for sign up.
AWS for Everyone-Learn & Build your First Serverless Backend


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

Course Overview
6 Lectures
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  • play icon AWS Console updates
  • play icon Environment Setup for taking this course
  • play icon AWS Free Tier and Pricing Model
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Groundwork behind Cloud computing Technology
5 Lectures
Privacy and Security With Identity and Access Management (IAM)
9 Lectures
Storage Infrastructure - Simple Storage Service - S3
12 Lectures
Fully Managed Secure REST API's with API Gateway
9 Lectures
Serverless computing with Lambda
14 Lectures
Fully managed NOSQL DynamoDB Database
12 Lectures
Authentication and Authorization with Cognito
14 Lectures
Capstone Project 1 - Binary Health
25 Lectures
Capstone Project 2 - Alexa Skill
15 Lectures
Serverless Application Model - SAM
5 Lectures
Elastic Compute Cloud - Virtual Machines
3 Lectures
DNS - Route 53
5 Lectures
Course Wind-Up
2 Lectures
BONUS : Interview Prep Kit for AWS
5 Lectures

Instructor Details

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Sundar Singh

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