ArcGIS : Tasks & Projects

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ArcGIS : Tasks & Projects

Freelance work and Projects Using ArcGIS

updated on icon Updated on Sep, 2023

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Course Description

Hi, do you want to learn freelance skills of ArcGIS and start your freelance career using ArcGIS?

Then you have come to the right course! 

This course is for those who have learned the basics of ArcGIS and want to enhance their skills further. If you are a complete beginner don’t worry, I have another course called: “ArcGIS: From beginner to pro” which covers all the basics you need to start your work with ArcGIS, and that course complements this course perfectly.

List of Sections and Lessons:


1. Introduction

Convert Coordinate System of shapefile:

1. How to convert the coordinate system

2. Learning Outcome

DEM & Contour Project:

1. Make a DEM & Contour of Nepal

2. Contour Mapmaking

3. Quick DEM resources

4. Making Contour Map Method-2

5. Comparison of the two methods

6. Convert contour shapefile to AutoCAD file

7. Convert AutoCAD file with labels

8. Learning Outcome

Choropleth Mapping Project

1. How to do choropleth mapping

2. Replicating a freelance market gig

3. Learning Outcome


1. Join Excel data to attribute table

2. Making a population dot density map

3. Calculate coordinates of schools in Sonargaon

4. Add date, time, and coordinate system to map

5. Copying shapefile without attribute

6. Copying shapefile without attribute part-2

7. Raster analysis problem and solution

Rainfall Pie Chart Map:

1. Downloading data

2. Adding CSV file to attribute table

3. Precipitation pie chart mapping

Watershed delineation Project:

1. Project Introduction

2. Downloading data

3. Watershed delineation part-1

4. Watershed delineation part-2

5. Map Making

6. Some common presentation methods

7. Extra Support

Flow Map Project:

1. Project overview

2. Flow map part-1

3. Flow map part-2

4. Final Map

Tasks & Tips:

1. Saving Coordinate system to favorites

2. Benefit of saving coordinate system

3. Interlocking shapefile creating tip

4. Change decimal places displayed in the attribute table

5. Add multiple labels

6. Add units to labels

Digitizing Project:

1. Overview of Project

2. Georeferencing

3. Creating features and attribute fields

4. Polygon making

5. Roadmaking

6. Point making

7. Final Mapping for delivery

Road calculation Project:

1. Overview of Project

2. Changing the coordinate system

3. Calculating the length of roads

4. Making individual type road shapefile

5. Checking results using statistics

Rainfall deviation Map:

1. Overview

2. Rainfall deviation part-1

3. Rainfall deviation part-2

4. Rainfall deviation part-3

Soil Map Preparation:

1. Overview

2. Soil Map part-1

3. Soil Map part-2

4. Soil Map part-3

5. Soil Map part-4

Stream Order:

1. Overview

2. Stream order part-1

3. Stream order part-2

4. Stream order part-3


What will you learn in this course:

  • ArcGIS, GIS

  • Digital Elevation Model making

  • Contour Map

  • Choropleth Map

  • Soil Map

  • Flow Map

  • Watershed delineation

  • Stream Order

  • Map Digitizing

  • ArcGIS Tasks

  • Road length calculation

  • Rainfall deviation Map


What are the prerequisites for this course?

  • Have a Computer

  • ArcGIS Desktop 10.3 or higher

  • Basic Knowledge of ArcGIS Interface

ArcGIS : Tasks & Projects


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

2 Lectures
  • play icon Intro 01:12 01:12
  • play icon Introduction to the course 06:29 06:29
Convert Coordinate System of shapefile
2 Lectures
DEM & Contour Project
8 Lectures
Choropleth Mapping Project
3 Lectures
7 Lectures
Precipitation Pie chart mapping
3 Lectures
Watershed delineation Project
7 Lectures
Flow Map Project
4 Lectures
Tasks & Tips
6 Lectures
Map Digitizing Project
7 Lectures
Road Calculation Project
5 Lectures
Rain fall deviation Map
4 Lectures
Soil Map Preparation
5 Lectures
Stream Order
4 Lectures

Instructor Details

Zahed Zisan

Zahed Zisan

Civil Engineer, Instructor, Educational content creator

I am a Civil Engineer. I have worked on more than 11 Academic Projects during my Undergraduate days. I had to use multiple Software and analytic skills to complete those projects. I have also worked and assisted on  Practical projects and research papers. I have also done many Courses from many training institutes and online learning platforms. Instead of making courses to earn money, I make courses to share everything I know and also what I have learned from my experiences so anyone doing my courses will be able to tackle problems with ease that took me a lot of effort to solve.

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