ArangoDB - How to Deploy


In this chapter, we will describe various possibilities to deploy ArangoDB.

Deployment: Single Instance

We have already learned how to deploy the single instance of the Linux (Ubuntu) in one of our previous chapters. Let us now see how to make the deployment using Docker.

Deployment: Docker

For deployment using docker, we will install Docker on our machine. For more information on Docker, please refer our tutorial on Docker.

Once Docker is installed, you can use the following command −

docker run -e ARANGO_RANDOM_ROOT_PASSWORD = 1 -d --name agdb-foo -d

It will create and launch the Docker instance of ArangoDB with the identifying name agdbfoo as a Docker background process.

Also terminal will print the process identifier.

By default, port 8529 is reserved for ArangoDB to listen for requests. Also this port is automatically available to all Docker application containers which you may have linked.