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Apache Cassandra for Beginners

Created by Navdeep Kaur, Last Updated 22-Dec-2020, Language:English

Apache Cassandra for Beginners

A complete guide for Cassandra architecture, Query language ,Cluster management, Java & Spark integration,

Created by Navdeep Kaur, Last Updated 22-Dec-2020, Language:English

What Will I Get ?

  • A complete understanding about Apache Cassandra basics and its Architecture.


  • MAC or PC


This Apache Cassandra training course  teaches you working with Cassandra. This course is intended for complete beginners in Cassandra. In this course, we will

  • what is Cassandra

  • how to install Cassandra

  • understand Cassandra data model with some hands on exercise which will teach you how to create a keyspace, create a table,insert and read the data .

  • different data types in Cassandra with exercise.

  • After this you will learn about the partition key and clustering key and understand how data is distributed across the nodes in a cluster.T

  • I will covers the Cassandra Architecture in details in which we will cover replication, consistency, gossip protocol, write path, read path, Cassandra storage and compaction.

  • Understanding anti patterns and data modeling goals.

  • Understand Cassandra configuration files

  • Working with nodetools to manage cluster

  • Integrate with Cassandra java driver to write and run Cassandra from java program.

  • Integrate Spark with Cassandra to perform analytics .

  • Cassandra on AWS

Once you have completed this video based training course, you will have a solid understanding of Cassandra.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners who want to learn no sql database Apache Cassandra.

Course Content

Navdeep Kaur

TechnoAvengers.com (Founder)

I am a big data architect with 11 years of industry experience in different technologies and domains. I have keen interest in providing training in new technologies. I have received CCA175 Hadoop and Spark developer certification and  AWS solution architect certification. I love guiding people and helping them achieve new goals.