Apache ActiveMQ - Features

ActiveMQ is designed to provide high availability, scalability, reliability, performance and security for enterprise level messaging applications. Following are some of the salient features of ActiveMQ.

  • JMS Compliant − ActiveMQ is fully compliant with JMS 1.1 standards. JMS spec provides a standard mechanism for synchronous or asynchronous message delivery, once-and-only-once message delivery, message durability for subscribers, etc.

  • Connectivity Options − ActiveMQ supports HTTP/S, multicast, SSL, Stomp, TCP, UDP, XMPP, thus providing a wide range of options for connectivity and allows various systems to communicate using their choice of protocols.

  • Pluggable Architecture − ActiveMQ allows to choose a persistence mechanism and also provides options to customize security for authentication and authorization as per the application needs.

  • Multi-Platform − ActiveMQ provides client APIs for many popular languages like Java, C, C++, .NET, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby etc. ActiveMQ Broker will run in JVM but clients can be written using any of the supported languages.

  • Broker Cluster − ActiveMQ allows to prepare a network of brokers for scalability and can support different types of topologies.

  • Features Rich − ActiveMQ provides many advanced features for both broker and clients and support Apache Camel.

  • Simple Administration Interface − ActiveMQ administration console is easy to use but still provides many powerful administration features.