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Analysis of Algorithm
Simply Easy Learning

Arnab Chakraborty

Development, Programming Languages

    • Analysis of Algorithm
      1 Lectures
    • Algorithm Introduction
      1 Lectures
    • Complexity of Algorithm
      7 Lectures
    • Algorithm and Classification
      9 Lectures
    • Elementary Data Structure
      20 Lectures
    • Sets and Set Operations
      4 Lectures
    • Recursion
      10 Lectures
    • Divide and Conquer
      4 Lectures
    • The Greedy Method
      5 Lectures
    • Dynamic Programming
      7 Lectures
    • Back Tracking Algorithm
      7 Lectures
    • Branch and Bound
      2 Lectures
    • NP-Hard and NP - Complete Problems
      3 Lectures
  • Description

    Analysis of Algorithm is an important part of a broader computational complexity theory, which provides theoretical estimates for the resources needed by any algorithm which solves a given computational problem. These estimates provide an insight into reasonable directions of search for efficient algorithms. This video tutorial will give you a great understanding on Analysis of Algorithm needed to understand the complexity of enterprise level applications and need of algorithms, and data structures.


    This video tutorial is designed for students interested in learning Analysis of Algorithm and its applications. Enthusiastic readers who would like to know more about algorithms and those who wish to implement algorithms themselves may start from here. These video classes have been developed based on the latest GATE syllabus and will be useful for undergraduate students of Computer Science and Information Technology as well as those preparing for GATE exams. It will also be helpful for students in preparing them for their Engineering Syllabus.

Analysis of Algorithm
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