American Football - Equipment

There are many American Football equipment that are used by players to play the game safely. Players have to touch each other physically and they may fall down or get hurt due to any other reasons. This equipment will help them to be safe and reduce the chance of injuries. We will discuss all the equipment in detail.

Arm Sleeves

Arm Sleeves are optional pieces and only a few players in a team use them like quarterbacks, wide receivers, running backs, etc. The sleeves are designed in such a way that they can prevent or reduce any kind of injury during the game. They also provide muscle support which is helpful for the players to play the game.


The size and structure of the ball has changed. In the 1800s, round-shaped balls were used in the game but now the shape of the ball is similar to the pig's bladder. Leather is used to make the football and it can be held easily with the help of laces. A football can be purchased from an online store or sporting goods stores.

Ovoid Ball


Belts are used to keep the pants tight. They are tied on the waist to hold the pants in perfect position. All players have to use the belts designed by the NFL These belts can be found in the sporting goods store.

Chin Straps

Chin Straps are considered as one of the important equipment as they are valuable for the safety of the chin. The piece was first used in 1976 which decreased different types of injuries in the game. It can be uncomfortable but it creates a protective layer for the safety of the chin.

Cleat Cleaner

Cleat cleaners are used to clean the mud from cleats so that injuries can be prevented due to increased traction. If the game is being played on a wet field, cleat cleaners are very helpful.


Cleats are required to help the players to run at a fast pace. Ordinary footwear cannot help the players to run fast while holding the ball. Cleats also help in the protection of ankles. Cleats also have grooved soles which provide traction to the runner.

Compression Apparel

Compression apparel is tight-fitting clothes which help the players to run on the field for a long time. These apparels are also good for safety from different kinds of injuries. Wearing these apparel is comfortable in comparison to shorts. They can absorb sweat and rashes and burns are also reduced.

Compression Shorts

Compression shorts are worn under the pants and they are used for protection from injuries. Muscle fatigue is reduced and it is also helpful in preventing strains. These shorts can be purchased from sporting goods stores.


Different sports including American Football use cones during the practice sessions. Cone drills help players to run at a fast pace and also develop the ability of body control.

Duffel Bags

The duffel bag is developed from a durable fabric and it also consists of a handle which helps players to take it from one place to another. These bags have been designed so that players can keep their equipment and move comfortably. Such bags are easily available in the sports goods stores.

Eye Black

Eye black is a strip that players apply to protect the eyes from the glare of the sun. It is a beneficial item that protects the vision of players. Eye blacks are also worn to make the opponents fearful.

Flag Football Belts

Flag Football belts are the pieces that are useful in playing flag football. Flags are taken by the opponents so that they can take possession of the ball. Tackling down is not allowed in the game.


Flags or penalty flags are the cloth of different colors and players of all the teams have to wear these flags. The flags of one team are of the same color. These flags can be easily taken off as they are tied to the belt.

Flak Jackets

Flak jackets are protective equipment which can be used to protect the rib areas as they are wrapped over them. The jackets are also attached to the shoulder pads. Ribs and abdominal injuries can be reduced and prevented through these jackets.


Girdles are the pieces that can be used for the protection of the lower part of the body. A girdle consists of different types of pads that can be used in thighs, tailbone, and hip areas. These girdles are provided by the football team to the players.


Gloves are an important protective equipment for football players. They help the players to protect their hands and fingers from getting injured. Receivers and linemen are more prone to hand injury as they have to catch the ball which may come by force. Receivers have to catch the ball and hold it to prevent other team members from snatching it. Linemen use gloves to protect their hands from bruising.

Hand Warmers

Hand warmers are the equipment that can be used by the players to keep their hands warm. This equipment is helpful in these areas where the climate is very cold. Players cannot play with cold and wet hands as this can lead the ball to slip away from their hands while catching.


Helmet is considered as one of the most important pieces of equipment to be used in the game. The equipment is used for the protection of the head from any type of injury. Helmets are designed in such a way that they protect the head from any type of falling or damage caused by flying balls. The head is also protected from the pushes and force from other players.

Helmet Pump

Helmets consist of pads which can get deflated with time. Helmet pumps are used to inflate these pads to provide more comfort to the head. A deflated helmet is easy to store.

Helmet Radios

Modern helmets also consist of radios and at least one player in each team has to wear such a helmet. These helmet radios are specially designed to be used during college football. The radio is used as a mechanism of communication between the coaching staff and players.

Helmet Visors

Some players use helmet visors to improve their visibility. Visors help in protecting the eyes from the glaring sun and also prevent physical contact with the eyes.


Each member of both teams has to wear a jersey which consists of their name and number. The last names of the players can be found on jerseys. Teams offer jerseys to the players with names and numbers.

Jockstrap and Cup

Groin has to be protected during the game of American football and this can be done with the help of Jockstrap and cup. The cup will protect the groin all the time during the game. It also reduces the chance of injuries in the sensitive areas.


K-balls are the balls which are used for kickoffs and field goals. These balls are a replacement for the regular ball when kickoffs and field goals have to be done. These balls are hard in nature in comparison to the regular ball. The structure of these balls helps in making an accurate kick.

Mouth Guard

Mouth Guard is another essential piece of equipment that is used for the protection of teeth and mouth. A tooth can be broken due to a punch or force from another player. As there is always an encounter and chaos on the field so there are chances that the jaw can be broken. A mouth guard is the best protector of the mouth, teeth, and jaw.

Neck Collars or Neck Rolls

Neck Collars and Neck Rolls are useful for defensive linemen and linebackers. Both of them help these players to protect their necks, especially in awkward conditions. The neck guard is comfortable for the players.


Every player has to wear the pants before the game starts. These pants consist of inbuilt pads which are seven in number and are used to protect hips, thighs, knees, and tailbone. The common color of these pants is white but they are also available in other colors.

Shoulder Pads

Shoulders are very useful in any type of sport like cricket, football, American football, etc. Shoulders may not be able to bear the force caused due to tackles. Players should wear the shoulder pads to protect their shoulders from such injuries. These pads reduce the chances of tearing of ligaments, muscle strain, shoulder pain, and other injuries and problems related to shoulders.

Skull Caps

Skull caps are optional and are worn to prevent sweat from reaching the face. Skull caps can be worn in place of helmets to provide comfort to the players. Helmets are hard and may also damage hairs.


T-shirts of players are very popular and can be used as a replacement for jerseys. The cost of T-shirts is less than jerseys and can be found in different sports goods stores.

Tees and Holders

Tees and holders are used to hold the ball before kicking and starting the game. The ball is kept on a holder if a kick-off has to be made. For extra points and field goals, these items are not used. Tees and holders are used especially during the training sessions.

Thigh, Hip, and Knee Pads

Arms and legs are always in use during the game. Players have to run continuously and they also have to hold the ball and prevent the members of other time to get the possession. Knees and elbows can easily get hurt during the chaos. In such a case, knee pads and elbow pads are needed for the protection of these organs.

Throwback Jerseys

These are the jerseys that are put on during a special match. The designs and brands of these jerseys have changed with time. These jerseys are worn by players to honor and pay tribute to the senior players.


Some players like quarterbacks wear the towels so that hands and the ball can be dried easily. Players may lose grip if their hands are wet Towels are available for all the players which they can use to dry their hands before catching or throwing the ball.


Whistles are used by referees and coaches when they have to give a signal for starting or stopping the game. Coaches also have to use the whistles to maintain law and order amongst players.

Football Equipments

Choosing the right equipment

Players have to choose the right type of equipment which will help them to protect their body parts during the game. A loose or worn-out piece can be uncomfortable and may even be dangerous. In the case of purchasing the equipment online, buyers need to check the reputation of the company. Here are the things that should be taken into account while purchasing American Football Equipment.


All players have different heights, weights, foot sizes, etc. so the equipment has to be purchased accordingly. Players have to keep an account of the size of their various body parts so that American Football accessories can be easily purchased. The equipment that they purchase should properly align with their body parts.


The next thing that should be considered while purchasing American Football equipment is the quality of the product. If you are purchasing the equipment online, you have to verify whether the products that are being sold are new. Internal working conditions of the second-hand product would be checked if you are buying any.


You have to check the fitting of the uniform, helmet, mouth guard, and other equipment. If the equipment is tight and uncomfortable, you will face difficulty during the game. Loose items may fall down and fitting them during the game can be a waste of time. It is better to choose the pieces that are perfectly fit.


The condition of the equipment should be checked before purchase. It is better to purchase a new one but if you are going for a second-hand product, check whether it is worn out or not and also the internal conditions like helmet, mouth guards, etc. Damaged and worn-out knee pads are not good for the knees. Purchase the knee pads that have excellent shock absorbers.

By position

Different equipment has different positions. In the case of shoulder pads, they should be cantilevered for linebackers as they are bigger in size. Linebackers have to deal with collisions from the front and these pads will keep their shoulders safe. Flat shoulder pads are suitable for quarterbacks and receivers.

In the case of gloves, linemen need full gloves which can be used to cover the hand while receivers need such gloves that can be helpful for them to move their hand freely.