Access Forms and Reports

Learn how to create and maintain forms and reports in Microsoft Access

  Thomas Fragale

   Office Productivity, Microsoft, Microsoft Access

Language - English Published on 10/2020

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In Access, a form is a data entry screen, and a report is a nicely formatted version of the data. This course will show you how to create and manage your forms and reports in Access, and create a complete application. 

This is volume 2 of Microsoft Access Databases. Volume 1 is Tables and Queries, which is also available in this forum.


  • Creating a form with Autoform
  • Using the Form Wizard
  • Changing a form with design view
  • Adding form controls
  • Subforms
  • Creating reports with Autoreport
  • Using the Report Wizard
  • Changing a report with design view
  • Adding calculations
  • Grouping, sorting and adding totals to reports
  • Using the Label Wizard
  • Form and table properties
  • Exporting a report to Excel
  • Using the Switchboard Manager to create a nice menu
  • Finalizing the application

What Will I Get ?

  • Learn Access Forms
  • Learn Access Reports
Course Rating

    Feedbacks (1)

  • Franklin E Sabes
    Franklin E Sabes

    Course was excellent for a beginner. Many good workable suggestions to become productive quickly and efficiently within the Access program. Well presented in a very understandable format.

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