Absolute beginners Zbrush course

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Absolute beginners Zbrush course

Learn sculpting in Zbrush in minutes

updated on icon Updated on Sep, 2023

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Course Description

So you want to express your inner creativity, and let it out to be seen by the world? And you think Zbrush is the way to do it? You are absolutely right, and this course is exactly for you. Welcome to Absolute Beginners Zbrush course by SpeedChar. My name is Niko and I am a 3D character artist with over 12 years of experience in the game industry. In this course, I will guide you through all the necessary Zbrush features and menus, to start sculpting your desired characters and bring them to life.

I will slowly and fully explain how to start using Zbrush, how to navigate the interface. The variuos things you need to know to model a head, horns, torso, armors, sword and even a cape, all in Zubrush. While we are working on our character, we will learn how to work with the most important Zbrush functions. I will not make this super complicated by going through everything in Zbrush. I will show you only the things you really need to know to make a fully finished high poly character.

We will start by getting familiar with the basic interface and navigation in Zbrush. After that I will show you how to customize your workflow to work much faster again in Zbrush. 

Then we will start the character from sphere, I will guide you through the process of starting your sculpt and add new elements to it, like horns, arms and body. After that we will create, and adjust the armor.  Then we will create the legs and refine the arms. We will go trough the process of making the cape, and also add spikes to the armor. After that i will show you how to make a hard surface object in Zbrush, fast and efficient by making the sword. Then you will learn how to add details on your model so it will look much more appealing. We will also paint the model so it will have better presentation. Following will be a breaf intro to posing the character, until it is time to go trough materials and light in Zbrush. After we apply and are happy with our materials and light setup, we can start rendering the character with Zbrush and then combining the passes in Photoshop, to achieve a professional look. 

I created this course for people that wants to start digital modelling in the best industry standart program - Zbrush, but don't know how. This is also for those artists, who whants to improve and help their drawing with a 3D base, or why not, become a digital sculptors. This is absolute beginners course, so it doesn't require any previous knowledge of Zbrush or even Photoshop. Everything in this course is real time with constant commentary from me, and i can talk a lot! So don't hesitate, but grab this course and upgrade yourself to the next few levels. Don't forget that investing in yourself will benefit you for the rest of your life, so lets get started! 


What will you learn in this course:

  • sculpting in Zbrush


What are the prerequisites for this course?

  • Have Zbrush
  • Want to learn Zbrush
Absolute beginners Zbrush course


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

30 Lectures
  • play icon Introduction 03:08 03:08
  • play icon Getting started with Zbrush 25:12 25:12
  • play icon Customizing Zbrush interface, or load mine 21:50 21:50
  • play icon Making custom menu in Zbrush 15:09 15:09
  • play icon Reference, Dynamesh and Curve Tube brush 20:43 20:43
  • play icon Creating, moving and duplicating meshes 19:54 19:54
  • play icon Working with masks and polygroups 20:09 20:09
  • play icon Low poly modelling with the ZModeler brush 20:27 20:27
  • play icon Making the thickness of the armors and Mirror tool 21:03 21:03
  • play icon Refining the legs 21:56 21:56
  • play icon Dynamic Subdivisions and Crease 22:01 22:01
  • play icon Making the arms 19:56 19:56
  • play icon Making the cape and change the background 20:13 20:13
  • play icon Refining the body armor 19:50 19:50
  • play icon Three ways to make the spikes on the shoulders 19:49 19:49
  • play icon Aplying dynamic subdivisions and merging subtools 21:56 21:56
  • play icon Making some tweaks and starting the sword 21:53 21:53
  • play icon Making the sword part 2 15:18 15:18
  • play icon Making a face and adding detail 20:20 20:20
  • play icon Brush alphas and continue the detailing 20:23 20:23
  • play icon More detailing 20:28 20:28
  • play icon Final detailing 14:35 14:35
  • play icon Starting the polypaint 19:10 19:10
  • play icon Polypainting like professionals 19:32 19:32
  • play icon Finishing polypaint 12:15 12:15
  • play icon Posing the character 09:01 09:01
  • play icon Intro to materials and light in Zbrush 13:16 13:16
  • play icon Document resolution and render 14:39 14:39
  • play icon Making the render passes and compose in Photoshop 19:58 19:58
  • play icon Final touches and adding rim light 14:56 14:56

Instructor Details

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Nikolay Naydenov

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