Which signals will get disrupted in case of a spinal cord injury?

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The signals transmitted across the spinal cord will get disrupted during spinal cord injury.

The spinal Reflex arc is the path taken up by the nerve impulses during a reflex action. When the spinal cord is hurt, both the signals from the nerves and the signals to the receptors are disrupted.

In the spinal cord, these two signals are bundled together. It will be affected and disturbed during the spinal cord injury.

  • The spinal cord is a communication hub between the brain and the nerves that branch out from the chord to form the body's extremities.
  • An injury to the spinal cord would impede the transmission of somatic motor impulses, which are the voluntary motions performed by skeletal muscles, via it to the various areas of the body.
  • A spinal injury would also have an effect on the body's reflex activities because of the function it plays in the spinal reflex arc.
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