Which of the following are environment-friendly practices?
(a) Carrying cloth-bags to put purchases in while shopping
(b) Switching off unnecessary lights and fans
(c) Walking to school instead of getting your mother to drop you on her scooter
(d) All of the above

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Correct Answer: (d) All of the above


All the practices mentioned above are environmentally friendly practices as they conserve the usage of nonrenewable sources of energy like petrol and electricity, and encourage the usage of reusable and biodegradable items like cloth bags.

In school, we should reuse the paper by writing on both sides of the paper. Saving the waste of paper can indirectly save trees. Also, we should avoid taking printouts redundantly, and if it's crucial, develop the habit of taking printouts on both sides of the paper.

We can prevent the consumption of electricity by using more natural lights from windows instead of tube lights wherever possible. It will also help in the natural circulation of air thereby reducing the consumption of air-conditioning and fans.

Plantation of the trees must be done. The tree will help in the purification of air and also provide wood in the long term.

Reusing water from canteens for watering garden plants and water from washbasins can be treated for further reuse. The same water can also be treated and used for flushing purposes in the washrooms.

Biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste can be dumped into different dustbins. Practicing the habit of reducing, reusing, and recycling will help in saving resources.

Things like used cardboard, plastic boxes, old newspapers, etc. can be used to build a waste to best reusable items like storage boxes, craft pieces, etc.  

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