What are the differences between aerobic and anaerobic respiration? Name some organisms that use the anaerobic mode of respiration.

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The difference between aerobic and anaerobic respiration are given below:

Aerobic respirationAnaerobic respiration
(i) It takes place in the presence of oxygen.(i) It takes place in the absence of oxygen.
(ii) It produces a considerable amount of energy.(ii) Lesser energy is produced during this process.
(iii) The end products are carbon dioxide and water.(iii) The end products are ethanol and carbon dioxide (in yeast) and lactic acid (in animal muscles).
(iv) Complete breakdown of food occurs during aerobic respiration(iv) Partial breakdown of food occurs during anaerobic respiration.
Example: Human Beings.Example: Yeast.
 Some organisms that use an anaerobic respiration mode are bacteria and microorganisms like yeast.
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