Visit a poultry farm. Talk to the manager of the farm and try to find out the answers to the following.
(a) What are layers and broilers in a poultry farm?
(b) Do hens lay unfertilized eggs?
(c) How can you obtain fertilized and unfertilized eggs?
(d) Are the eggs that we get in the stores fertilized or unfertilized?
(e) Can you consume fertilized eggs?
(f) Is there any difference in the nutritional value of fertilized and unfertilized eggs?

AcademicBiologyNCERTClass 8

(a) Layers are chickens that are cultured or raised for eggs; while Broilers are the chickens that are raised for meat.

(b) Usually, hens lay fertilized eggs. In hens, internal fertilization takes place and eggs are hatched outside the mother\'s body.

(c) Fertilized egg is obtained through the fusion of the male\'s sperm and female\'s ovum to form a zygote. The unfertilized egg does not form zygotes.

(d) By default eggs are fertilized only, because if eggs do not undergo fertilization, then eggs will not come outside the female hen\'s body.

(e) Yes, we can definitely consume fertilized eggs.

(f) Unfertilized eggs are the ovum in the female hens which does not undergo fertilization with male sperm. Eggs that hens hatch are fertilized eggs and therefore nutrition is present only in the fertilized egg.

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