Visit a laboratory for senior secondary students in your school or in a neighbouring school. Learn about the functioning of a microscope in the laboratory. Also observe how a slide is observed under the microscope.

AcademicBiologyNCERTClass 8

Process of observing a slide under microscope:

  • Place the microscopic slide on the stage and fix it with the stage clips.
  • Look at the objective lens and stage. Turn focus knob to move stage upward.
  • Observe through the eyepiece and move the focus knob till the image comes into focus.
  • Arrange the mirror and condenser to focus and reflect the maximum amount of light to the slide.
  • With the use of a focus knob, obtain a clear view of the sample and readjust the condenser with a low power objective for the clearest image.
  • Change the objective lens to high power after a clear image of the sample is obtained with the low power objective. 
  • Again, with the use of focus knowledge, obtain a clear view of the sample with high power objective lens.
  •  Do not let the objective lens touch the slide.

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