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Using Meditation to Tune Consciousness

person icon Gregory Cadotte


Using Meditation to Tune Consciousness

Finding Contentment

updated on icon Updated on Jun, 2024

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person icon Gregory Cadotte

English [CC]

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Course Description

A course on returning to contentment using meditation. In this course, we learn to use 'sitting in contentment' to find an emotional comfort-spot - and from that spot begin to understand those parts of us that cannot sit still. We will learn the two steps of first finding contentment each day in mediation and then to find a deeper contentment through bring those parts of us that are unable to meditate to healing rest.  

What is Meditation??

Meditation is simply ‘sitting in contentment’ and if we cannot remember how this feels we can simply begin by pretending – but we are not pretending. We simply have been discontented so long we cannot remember our original state of being of being content.

Meditation allows us to ‘sit in contentment’ in the present moment for a few minutes each day and watch those parts of us that cannot sit with us. And how can they? These are the parts of us that cannot sit in contentment because they require more to feel content, requirements we formed in the past. So, our thinking created these energies making us the perfect self-healer.

Meditation allows us to first watch from a place of safety, then to understand how these energies form, and then to heal our energies that now compete for control of our present moment. This leaves us sitting in contentment permanently, our original state before we became discontented.

You see, we have 100 percent potential. But if 60% of our potential, our thinking is tied up in these energies that are monitoring, protecting, and searching for past experiences, only 40% of our potential is available as energy in the present moment to be anything new. We are weak even though we have expended lots of potential. 100 percent of our potential – to produce a 40% result.

Meditation builds cooperation where conflict was, and this can increase our present consciousness to 100 percent very easily.

Watch first, understand next, and then heal. This is the power of meditation.

About the Author:  Gregory K. Cadotte

A follower of Buddha and meditation.  So much was revealed when sat in my original state of 'contentment' using meditation I needed no other tool.  I do listen to and love chanting, learn all I can about Buddhism, Hinduism and all teachings offered to me to examine.  We are here to experience and better remember who we really are.

I own a meditation/crystal shop called The Dancing Buddha.  It is a simple, local affair but I love it.   It is open Sat and Sun 9-5 at 1712 Dundas Street, London Ontario Canada (Gibraltar Weekend Market)

I have self-published The Secret of Effortless Existence in 2008 that is no longer available.  Too many questions and not enough answers, my teacher said, but this led to finding a new and wonderful understanding of the Buddha's journey into stillness.  The result is my dedicated journey into meditation as a tool to help others find contentment.  


  • How to let go of traditional rules and use meditation to 'sit in contentment' and then heal those parts of us that cannot sit with us.
  • How to be content, relaxed, and happy outside of meditation.
  • How to see how we are all connected as the Conscious Universe.
  • How to expand our minds and hearts by letting go of narrow thinking to find ultimate comfort.
  • How to remove energy blockages and build energy by identifying how we work against ourselves.
  • How to build self-love, openness, trust, patience, and to use these tools to build a happy life.
  • How Spiritual thinking and teachings of the Buddha Mind can lead to freedom.


  • The only requirement is a quiet place where you can meditate, or sit silently.  A chair, the floor, a pillow, even lying down works.  Do not drive or operate equipment when meditating.  
  • Note:  No basic instruction will be given on how to sit and how to breathe in this course.  Instead, this course brings meditation to its basics by teaching us to ‘sit in contentment’ in whatever way that resonates with us and examine what within us cannot join us in contentment.  Perfect for those who cannot meditate.  In this way, meditation is being used as a tool to find a heal our conflicted energies.  For this reason, much of this course relates to our thinking and actions and how we can unwittingly be contributing to our own discontentment by our approach to life.  This course blends meditation coaching with early Buddhist spiritual understanding to help contentment be our permanent state.  After all, that is where we started from, our Original State.

Using Meditation to Tune Consciousness


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Disclaimer and Introduction
3 Lectures
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Meditation for the Mind (Consciousness)
6 Lectures
Timed Meditation Videos (choose which one to meditate with)
6 Lectures
Meditation for the Body (How to find contentment for the body)
4 Lectures
Conversations with the Buddha Mind
5 Lectures
Extra Guided Videos
3 Lectures

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Gregory Cadotte

Gregory Cadotte

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