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Unity Game Development: Beginner to Pro

person icon Rohan Wasudeo


Unity Game Development: Beginner to Pro

Learn to Create Games with Unity & C#

updated on icon Updated on Feb, 2024

language icon Language - English

person icon Rohan Wasudeo

category icon Unity,2D Game Development,3D Game Development,Unity 3D,Game Development,

Lectures -75

Duration -5 hours



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Course Description

Course Description

Unity Game Development: Beginner to Pro course as the name suggests caters to the students or professionals keen on learning Game Development with or without any prior experience and knowledge on the subject. The course is designed in such a way that any student could easily learn to create a game at the end of the course.

Here is the outline of the course 'Unity Game Development: Beginner to Pro':

  • Unity Game Development : Beginner to Pro course Outline
  • Introduction to Unity & installation
  • Create my first 3D project in Unity
  • Configure Visual Studio in Unity and get ready for scripting
  • Create my first C# script in Unity
  • Understanding the flow & structure of a C# script - Part 1
  • Understanding the flow & structure of a C# script - Part 2
  • Write first code in C# & print 'Hello Code"
  • Data-Types & Variables in C#
  • Introduction to the Operators in Unity C#
  • Understanding Arithmetic Operators & it's usage
  • Understanding Relational Operators & it's usage
  • Understanding Logical Operators & it's usage
  • Understanding Conditional Operators & it's usage
  • Introduction to Control flow statement in Unity C#
  • Understanding if-statements in Unity C#
  • Understanding if-else statements in Unity C#
  • Understanding if-else-if ladder statements in Unity C#
  • Understanding switch-case statements in Unity C#
  • Understanding loops in Unity C#
  • Introduction to Collections in Unity C#
  • Understanding List & it's usage.
  • Understanding Sorted List & it's usage.
  • Understanding Dictionary & it's usage.
  • Understanding ArrayList & it's usage.
  • Understanding Hashtable & it's usage.
  • Understanding Stack & it's usage.
  • Introductions to UI in Unity & create a Canvas
  • UI Text & components
  • UI Image & components
  • UI Button & components
  • UI ScrollView & components
  • Create vertical ScrollView using Vertical Layout group
  • Create horizontal ScrollView using Horizontal Layout group
  • UI InputField & components
  • Create UI InputField & understand the components
  • UI Slider & components
  • Create UI Slider & understand the components
  • Anchor UI elements in Unity
  • Introduction to Unity Events
  • Understand Unity Event functions in a script
  • Introduction to custom functions in Unity
  • Write a basic function in a script
  • Write a function with return type
  • Write a function with Parameters
  • Introduction to Unity Delegates
  • Understand Single-cast Delegates
  • Understand Multi-cast Delegates
  • Introduction to Delegate-Events
  • Move an UI Image to left & right using Delegate-Events
  • Introduction to Unity Input System
  • Understand & implement Keyboard inputs in Unity
  • Understand & implement Mouse inputs in Unity
  • Understand & implement Axis inputs in Unity
  • Introduction to Physics Engine & Rigidbody
  • Applying Rigidbody to the Sphere Gameobject
  • Applying Material to the Sphere gameobject
  • Create a floor for the Sphere to move
  • Move the Sphere using Rigidbody attached to it
  • Introduction to Colliders & collisions
  • Adding 3D Cube gameobjects on the floor & add Tags to them
  • Detect Collision with the 3D Cube using Tags
  • Introduction to 2D & 3D Animations in Unity
  • Slice a Spritesheet into multiple Sprites & apply walking animation
  • Add background to the Scene
  • Move the animated Sprite using keyboard inputs
  • Apply idle animation to the Sprite & make Camera follow the Sprite
  • Import 3D Character in Unity & apply walking animation
  • Move the 3D Character using keyboard inputs
  • Apply rotation to the Camera & make it follow the 3D character
  • Create a 3D game 'Knock the Cans'
  • Design a level for Knock the Cans 3D game
  • Applying Logic to knock the cans down - Part 1
  • Applying Logic to knock the cans down - Part 2
  • Prefab creation & Instantiation in Knock the Cans game
  • Create a win or lose system in the game & final words


What will you learn in this course:

What will students learn in this course ?

  • Learn fundamentals of Unity with C#
  • Understand the basics of C# with Unity
  • Learn to create a Game Design with Unity UI
  • Apply game logic in 2D, 3D games
  • Create and apply 2D, 3D Animations in a game
  • Create a playable 3D game in Unity


What are the prerequisites for this course?

  • Students & working professionals keen on learning Game development with Unity
Unity Game Development: Beginner to Pro


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

Unity Game Development : Beginner to Pro course Outline
1 Lectures
  • play icon Unity Game Development : Beginner to Pro course Outline 02:33 02:33
Introduction to Unity & C# scripting
7 Lectures
Data-Types & Variables in C#
1 Lectures
Operators in C#
5 Lectures
Control flow statements
6 Lectures
Collections in Unity C#
7 Lectures
Introduction to UI in Unity
12 Lectures
Introduction to Unity Events
6 Lectures
Delegates in Unity
5 Lectures
Introduction to Unity Input system
4 Lectures
Rigidbody & Collisions
8 Lectures
Animations in Unity
8 Lectures
Create a 3D game 'Knock the Cans'
5 Lectures

Instructor Details

Rohan Wasudeo

Rohan Wasudeo

Learning is a collaborative effort. Together, we will create an environment that nurtures intellectual curiosity and fosters meaningful connections.


8+ years of experience in the game development industry, with a focus on Unity.

Proven ability to train and mentor students of all levels, from beginners to professionals.

Having expertise in Unity topics, including 2D, 3D, AR and VR game development.

Passionate about helping others learn to create games in Unity.


C# & Unity

2D & 3D game development

AR & VR game development

Mentoring and providing guidance in game development

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