UDDI API - Error Codes

The following list of error codes can be returned in the error code and error number (errCode and errno attributes) within a dispositionReport response to the API calls.

If a V2 registry encounters an error while processing a V1 message it may only return a V1 message.

Non-error conditions are not reported by way of SOAP Faults but are instead reported using the dispositionReport element.

Error Key Error Number Description
E_assertionNotFound 30000 Signifies that a particular publisher assertion (consisting of two businessKey values, and a keyed reference with three components) cannot be identified in a save or delete operation.
E_authTokenExpired 10110 Signifies that the authentication token information has timed out.
E_authTokenRequired 10120 Signifies that an invalid authentication token was passed to an API call that requires authentication.
E_accountLimitExceeded 10160 Signifies that a save request exceeded the quantity limits for a given data type.
E_busy 10400 Signifies that the request cannot be processed at the current time.
E_categorizationNotAllowed 20100 Used for UDDI Version 1.0 compatibility. Replaced by E_valueNotAllowed in 2 and higher. Restrictions have been placed on the types of information that can be categorized within a specific taxonomy.
E_fatalError 10500 Signifies that a serious technical error has occurred while processing the request.
E_invalidKeyPassed 10210 Signifies that the uuid_key value passed did not match with any known key values. The details on the invalid key will be included in the dispositionReport element.
E_invalidProjection 20230 Signifies that an attempt was made to save a businessEntity containing a service projection that does not match the businessService being projected. The serviceKey of at least one such businessService will be included in the dispositionReport.
E_invalidCategory 20000 Used for UDDI Version 1.0 compatibility only. Replaced by E_invalidValue in version 2 and higher. Signifies that the given keyValue did not correspond to a category within the taxonomy identified by the tModelKey. Used with categorization only.
E_invalidCompletionStatus 30100 Signifies that one of the assertion status values passed is unrecognized. The completion status that caused the problem will be clearly indicated in the error text.
E_invalidURLPassed 10220 Signifies that an error occurred during processing of a save function involving accessing data from a remote URL. The details of the HTTP Get report will be included in the dispositionReport element. Not used in V1 or V2.
E_invalidValue 20200 A value that was passed in a keyValue attribute did not pass validation. This applies to checked categorizations, identifiers and other validated code lists. The error text will clearly indicate the key and value combination that failed validation.
E_keyRetired 10310 Signifies that a uuid_key value passed has been removed from the registry. While the key was once valid as an accessor, and is still possibly valid, the publisher has removed the information referenced by the uuid_key passed. V1 errata is not used. Included here for historical code-set completion.
E_languageError 10060 Signifies that an error was detected while processing elements that were annotated with xml:lang qualifiers. Presently, only the description and name elements support xml:lang qualifications.
E_messageTooLarge 30110 Signifies that the message is too large. The upper limit will be clearly indicated in the error text.
E_nameTooLong 10020 Used for UDDI Version 1.0 compatibility only. Signifies that the partial name value passed exceeds the maximum name length designated by the policy of an implementation or Operator Site.
E_operatorMismatch 10130 Signifies that an attempt was made to use the publishing API to change data that is mastered at another Operator Site. This error is only relevant to the public Operator Sites and does not apply to other UDDI compatible registries.
E_publisherCancelled 30220 The target publisher cancelled the custody transfer operation.
E_requestDenied 30210 A custody transfer request has been refused.
E_requestTimeout 20240 Signifies that the request could not be carried out because a needed web service, such as validate_values, did not respond in a reasonable amount of time. Details identifying the failing service will be included in the dispositionReport element.
E_secretUnknown 30230 The target publisher was unable to match the shared secret and the five (5) attempt limit was exhausted. The target operator automatically cancelled the transfer operation.
E_success 0 Signifies no failure occurred. This return code is used with the dispositionReport for reporting results from requests with no natural response document.
E_tooManyOptions 10030 Signifies that too many or incompatible arguments were passed. The error text will clearly indicate the nature of the problem.
E_transferAborted 30200 Signifies that a custody transfer request will not succeed.
E_unrecognizedVersion 10040 Signifies that the value of the generic attribute passed is unsupported by the Operator Instance being queried.
E_unknownUser 10150 Signifies that the user ID and password pair passed in a get_authToken message is not known to the Operator Site or is not valid.
E_unsupported 10050 Signifies that the implementer does not support a feature or API.
E_userMismatch 10140 Signifies that an attempt was made to use the publishing API to change data that is controlled by another party.
E_valueNotAllowed 20210 Signifies that a value did not pass validation because of contextual issues. The value may be valid in some contexts, but not in the context used. The error text may contain information about the contextual problem.
E_unvalidatable 20220 Signifies that an attempt was made to reference a taxonomy or identifier system in a keyedReference whose tModel is categorized with the unvalidatable categorization.