UDDI API - get_businessDetail


The get_businessDetail function retrieves the complete businessEntity for each specified businessKey.

The response includes a root businessDetail element, and one businessEntity element for each matching business. If the UDDI operator returns only a partial list of matching results, the businessDetail truncated attribute is set to true. If no matches are found, an E_invalidKeyPassed error is returned.

Version 2.0 Syntax

<get_businessDetail generic = "2.0"
   xmlns = "urn:uddi-org:api_v2">
   [<businessKey/> ...]


businessKey − Required uuid_key specifying the businessEntity. You can specify multiple businessKeys.

Error Returned

If any error occurs in processing this API call, a dispositionReport element is returned to the caller within a SOAP Fault. The following error number information will be relevant:

E_invalidKeyPassed − An invalid bindingKey was specified.