UDDI API - delete_binding


The delete_binding API call causes one or more instances of bindingTemplate data to be deleted from the UDDI registry.

Upon successful completion, a dispositionReport is returned with a single success indicator. References to bindingTemplates that are deleted as a result of this call, such as those referenced by other bindingTemplates (in hostingRedirector elements) are not affected.

Version 2.0 Syntax

<delete_binding generic = "2.0" 
   xmlns = "urn:uddi-org:api_v2" >
   <bindingKey/> [<bindingKey/> .]


authInfo − This required argument is an element that contains an authentication token. Authentication tokens are obtained using the get_authToken API call.

bindingKey − one or more uuid_key values that represent specific instances of known bindingTemplate data.

Error Returned

If any error occurs in processing this API call, a dispositionReport element will be returned to the caller within a SOAP Fault. The following error number information will be relevant:

E_invalidKeyPassed − It signifies that one of the uuid_key values passed did not match with any known bindingKey values. No partial results will be returned - if any bindingKey values passed are not valid or if the message contained multiple instances of a uuid_key value, this error will be returned.

E_authTokenExpired − It signifies that the authentication token value passed in the authInfo argument is no longer valid because the token has expired.

E_authTokenRequired − It signifies that the authentication token value passed in the authInfo argument is either missing or is not valid.

E_userMismatch − It signifies that one or more of the bindingKey values passed refers to a bindingTemplate that is not controlled by the individual associated with the authentication token.