UDDI API - add_publisherAssertions


The add_publisherAssertions API call causes one or more publisherAssertions to be added to an individual publisher's assertion collection.

Upon successful completion, a dispositionReport message is returned with a single success indicator.

Version 2.0 Syntax

<add_publisherAssertions generic = "2.0" 
   xmlns = "urn:uddi-org:api_v2" >


authInfo − This required argument is an element that contains an authentication token. Authentication tokens are obtained using the get_authToken API call.

publisherAssertion − These are one or more relationship assertions. Relationship assertions consist of a reference to two businessEntity key values as designated by the fromKey and toKey elements, as well as a required expression of directional relationship within the contained keyedReference element.

Error Returned

If any error occurs in processing this API call, a dispositionReport element is returned to the caller within a SOAP Fault. The following error number information will be relevant −

E_invalidKeyPassed − It signifies that one of the uuid_key values passed did not match with any known businessKey or tModelKey values. The key and element or attribute that caused the problem will be clearly indicated in the error text.

E_authTokenExpired − It signifies that the authentication token value passed in the authInfo argument is no longer valid because the token has expired.

E_authTokenRequired − It signifies that the authentication token value passed in the authInfo argument is either missing or is not valid.

E_userMismatch − It signifies that neither of the businessKey values passed in the embedded fromKey and toKey elements is controlled by the publisher account associated with the authentication token. The error text will clearly indicate which assertion caused the error.