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The Complete JavaScript Bootcamp 2023 - Build Real Projects!

person icon Ghulam Abbas


The Complete JavaScript Bootcamp 2023 - Build Real Projects!

Learn Modern JavaScript by building real-world Projects! JavaScript ES6+, OOP, Async JavaScript, Webpack and much more..

updated on icon Updated on Apr, 2024

language icon Language - English

person icon Ghulam Abbas

category icon Javascript,Node.JS,Bootstrap,HTML,CSS,

Lectures -121

Resources -74

Duration -17.5 hours



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Course Description

JavaScript is the most popular and fastest-growing programming language. Most of the people think that Web Development (JavaScript) is easy as compared to other programming languages. But this is not actually true. You have to give a lot of time to learn it.

Stop learning from random JavaScript videos from YouTube if you don't not anything about programming or JavaScript. You have to start from scratch. Learn all the basic fundaments of JavaScript. This is why I create this course. To teach you, where to actually start programming.

What's in this course?

In this course, we are not going to learn about any library or framework. We are going to learn Vanilla JavaScript (No Libraries, No Frameworks). This course is created to make a solid base of students in JavaScript programming.

You will learn to write efficient code in JavaScript. I will take you from a complete JavaScript beginner to an advanced developer. You will learn how to debug code in case of any error.

If you come with me on the journey of learning JavaScript, I'll try my best to teach each and every important concept.

***   PROJECTS   ***

  1. BMI Calculator

  2. Random Quotes Generator

  3. Bookmark App

  4. Memory Game

  5. Employee App (Using OOP)

  6. Movie App (Using Fetch API & AJAX)

  7. Jobs Portal (Using Webpack, Babel, Node)

===   Super Friendly Support   ===

If you ever get stuck in any problem, I'm here to unstuck you. I always respond as fast as I can. Because I know there’s nothing worse than getting stuck into problems, especially programming problems. So, I am always here to support you.

After taking this course you be a better JavaScript developer and can improve your abilities in AngularJS, NodeJS, React.js, MongoDB, and all other Javascript-based technologies.

Are you ready? If yes, then click ENROLL, and join me today in this ultimate Modern JavaScript course.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to become JavaScript Developer
  • Anyone who wants to start his career as a programmer
  • Anyone who wants to learn web development
  • Anyone who wants to enhance his skills in Vanilla JavaScript
  • Anyone who is interested in programming


What will you learn in this course:

  • 7 real world projects with pure JavaScript

  • JavaScript Fundamentals: variables, if-else, loops, functions, arrays, objects etc.

  • Write solid, powerful JavaScript code

  • Master DOM without jQuery

  • Explore all about Object Oriented Programming

  • Explore the latest cutting-edge features from ES6, ES7, ES8 and so on

  • Understand how to use Promises & Async/Await with asynchronous JavaScript

  • Asynchronous JavaScript with Ajax, Fetch API

  • Modern JavaScript - Webpack, Babel & ES6 modules

  • Downloadable code & all projects


What are the prerequisites for this course?

  • Basic HTML & CSS knowledge

  • Basic Bootstrap knowledge

  • No coding experience is necessary to take this course.

The Complete JavaScript Bootcamp 2023 - Build Real Projects!


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

Setting Up Environment
4 Lectures
  • play icon Why JavaScript? 05:31 05:31
  • play icon How to Follow the Course? 02:25 02:25
  • play icon GitHub Repository For All Projects
  • play icon Setting up Code Editor 04:04 04:04
JavaScript Basics
11 Lectures
JavaScript Control Flow
10 Lectures
Functions, Objects & Arrays
7 Lectures
JavaScript DOM & Events
8 Lectures
Four Amazing DOM Projects
12 Lectures
Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
11 Lectures
Employee App using OOP Concepts
6 Lectures
Regular Expressions (Regex)
6 Lectures
Modern JavaScript - [ES6, ES7, ES8, ES9, ES10]
10 Lectures
Asynchronous JS, Promises, AJAX, AsyncAwait
10 Lectures
Movie Search App using API
5 Lectures
Jobs Portal Project [Webpack, Babel, Node]
20 Lectures
1 Lectures

Instructor Details

Ghulam Abbas

Ghulam Abbas

Full Stack Developer & Designer
Hi, my name is Ghulam Abbas and I have studied Computer Science in detail. I have created several projects using different programming languages that have worth. I have learned JAVA and Python at my University. I have skills in both of these languages and also I have created several projects for my clients in Java. As a programmer, I always want to taste all big programming languages. When I came to JavaScript then I fall in love with it. After that time, I started learning all about Web Development whether it is front-end or back-end, I learned everything in JavaScript. JS is Love. I will try my best to deliver my knowledge to you.

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