The Complete Android Animations Course with Kotlin

Add engaging animations to your Android apps

  Mehdi Haghgoo

   Android Development, 2D Animation, Development, Game Development, Kotlin

Language - English Published on 09/2022


Adding meaningful motion to your UI and UX is an essential skill for every app developer nowadays.

No matter you are a professional Android app developer or just in the beginning of your Android career, you will immediately appreciate the value of well-designed motions and animations in your applications. With this course, you can take your Android applications to the next level by integrating motions that more effectively communicate with your users and make using your applications more enjoyable and fun.

Throughout the course, you will learn and use everything in the Android ecosystem from view animations to MotionLayout to manifest the power of animations in your apps. In addition, you will dive into view property animation, transitions, animated vector drawables, and more. 

What makes learning Android animations even more pleasant is that in addition to the joy of learning new skills and knowledge, you will have a lot of fun along the way playing with many creative ways to use Android's animation capabilities.

So, if you are down for an exciting journey to the world of Android animations, join me now and let's do this!

Looking forward to seeing you in the course.

What Will I Get ?

  • By the end of the course, students should be able to comfortably use various animation technologies in Android. At least, the students should be able to use view property animation, activity transitions, transitions, and MotionLayout.


  • You should be comfortable using Android Studio. 
  • Average Kotlin knowledge is highly recommended.

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