Talk to the senior biology teacher in your school or a neighbouring school. Find out if there are diseases which are passed on from parents to the offspring. Find out how these are carried and also if these diseases can be treated. For this you can also visit a doctor.

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Heritable diseases:

Genetic characteristics and traits are inherited through families in a particular pattern.

(i) Dominant genetic diseases: Caused by a mutation in one copy of a gene. If a parent has a dominant genetic disease, then there is a 50% chance of inheritance of the disease.

It occurs spontaneously during random mutation of one gene at conception.

Example: Achondroplasia and Huntington\'s disease.

(ii) Recessive genetic diseases: When both parents are carriers of the same recessive disease, then there is only a 25% chance that the pregnancy will inherit the trait from both parents and be affected with diseases.

(iii) Sex-linked genetic diseases: It is a gender-based disease. It relates to diseases related to gene mutations on the X or Y chromosomes.

Example: Hemophilia and color-blindness.

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