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Take Whiteboard Animation Videos to NEXT level using Doodly

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Take Whiteboard Animation Videos to NEXT level using Doodly

Take Doodly Animation Videos To The Next Level Using Advanced Video Methods That Anyone Can Master! Don't miss this :)

updated on icon Updated on Jun, 2024

language icon Language - English

person icon Being Commerce

English [CC]

category icon Design,3D & Animation,Doodly

Lectures -17

Duration -1 hours



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Course Description

Welcome to my course " Take Whiteboard Animation Videos to NEXT level using Doodly "

Hey, everyone! I just wanted to share with you something I’m really excited about that’s going to help you take your doodle animation videos to the next level.

In the course. I will show you how to create super-professional videos, using all the advanced tips and tricks that would take most people months—and maybe even years--to uncover on their own. I’m actually kind of embarrassed to admit, but even I learned things you could do with Doodly that I had no idea you could do.

These Tips Are Going to Help You Create Videos That Are

More Professional, More Visually Stimulating, and Far More Engaging to Your Prospects…

Meaning, they’ll be shared more often, watched longer, and ultimately, they’re going to get you much better results.

So, let me tell you what you can expect from the course, this course teaching you the most advanced training methods you can use for creating absolutely incredible videos.

Another reason you’re going to love this course is that we devised all kinds of time-saving ways to do things using Doodly. With the course, you’re basically being given the opportunity to peek over her shoulder, so you can watch an expert doodler show you the best workarounds for stuff that very few people know about.


  • You will learn how to make beginners to advanced doodly animation whiteboard videos easily

  • You will learn how to put background with opacity & running effect in doodly

  • You will learn how to play with doodly assets (basic & complex included)

  • You will learn to move animation in doodly and how to put videos within doodly

  • You will learn advanced drawing paths including layering, masking & cropping

  • You will learn how to prepare, source, wireframe & create your own assets in doodly


  • No experience required (Everything taught from scratch to advanced)

Take Whiteboard Animation Videos to NEXT level using Doodly


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

How to Use Doodly Animation Software - Complete Guide
17 Lectures
  • play icon Acquiring Doodly with Ease 03:19 03:19
  • play icon Basic Doodly Tutorials 03:25 03:25
  • play icon Introduction to Doodly 07:42 07:42
  • play icon Working with Assets (Basic) 11:30 11:30
  • play icon Working with Assets (Complex) 10:26 10:26
  • play icon Background & Overlay 06:10 06:10
  • play icon Opacity Effect 05:03 05:03
  • play icon Background Running 04:15 04:15
  • play icon Preparing Asset 01:58 01:58
  • play icon Sources of Assets 05:29 05:29
  • play icon Wireframe Asset 02:46 02:46
  • play icon Creating Asset 05:58 05:58
  • play icon Layer of Drawing 02:34 02:34
  • play icon Masking & Cropping 04:15 04:15
  • play icon Dot Dot Animation 02:46 02:46
  • play icon Hide & Seek Animation 04:01 04:01
  • play icon Videos inside Doodly 03:43 03:43

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Being Commerce

Being Commerce

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