Success Visualization and Building Powerful Habits

Unlock your success through the power of Visualization and building powerful habits

Course Description

Are you frustrated with tired of seeing others become successful in life while you are not? One of the secrets that many successful people use is the power of Visualization. In this course, you will get a clear understanding of what it is, and how you can create powerful habits that help you to implement Visualization daily so you too can achieve success.

In this course, I will be discussing what Visualization actually is and why it is so powerful. I will then discuss what is a Vision Board and how to use effective goal setting to create Visions Board that actually help you to achieve goals. I will also be taking a deeper look at Daily Affirmations, Goals, and several habits that you can use to achieve success in whichever field you are in. I will even be showing you how to create a Vision Board from scratch. I will even give you examples of my personal Vision Board, Daily Affirmations, and Goals for 2023 so you can use it as an example in creating some of your of own items.

If you find this course valuable, please leave me a review to let me know exactly how it helped you. Also, please share it with anyone that you know who could benefit from the information. This way, I get to help even more people and realize my goal of helping 800 000 businesses, sales professionals, and entrepreneurially-minded persons by December 31, 2023.

Happy viewing! Remember to never stop dreaming!


By the end of this course, you would know how to:

  • To effectively set goals, and affirmations, and create impactful vision boards
  • To debunk the negative perceptions that people have about Vision Boards and Goal Setting
  • To empower persons to take their lives into their hands and be purposeful in helping themselves
  • To provide useful tips that you can use to make your goals a reality and build constructive habits


This course is for persons who have: 

  • A willingness to do what it takes to improve your life
  • An understanding that no goal-setting experience is needed as long as you have the willingness to learn
  • An Entrepreneurial mindset, even if they are not already business owners, or are sales professionals

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Success Visualization and Building Powerful Habits
This Course Includes
  • 1 hours
  • 8 Lectures
  • 17 Resources
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  • Language English
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