SE Quality Q & A #8

Question:What are the difference between white box testing and black box testing techniques?


Sr.No.White box testing techniquesBlack box testing techniques
1White box testing may be defined as a software testing where internal function of a software system is tested. Black box testing techniques may be define as a software testing techniques where the person who test the product having no any idea about the internal of a system being tested.
2White box testing have some others name like structure Testing and glass box testing, open box testing extra.Functional testing is also a second name of black box testing.
3For testing the structure of a program white box testing techniques is used.Performance and behavior of the system tested with black box testing techniques.
4"How" is the important part of white box testing technique"What" is very important part in Black box testing.
5Checking out the input and output is not the goal of white box testing but to check different kind of programming and structure of data is the goal of white box testing techniques.Output are verified after inputting instruction if outout have the desired quality then with the help of black box testing technique, complete functionality is tested.
6It gives result in the early stage of the developmentBlack box testing is done at the end of the development of the application.
7This technique is used to check the accuracy of each function.A set of instructions/scenarios are considerd for black box testing.
8Basic path testing technique is used in white box testing.Equivalence testing, boundary value testing techniques are used in black box testing.
9White box testing has focus on structural control.Black box testing has focus on information domain primarily.
10Following are some of the items tested using white box testing.
  • Loops of a procedure

  • Internal data structure

  • Decision points

Using black box testing, we can figure out errors easily in
  • Incorrect functions

  • Data structure errors

  • Performance de;ays

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