SE Quality Q & A #7

Question:What are the difference between alpha testing and Beta testing?


Sr.No.Alpha testingBeta Testing
1Alpha testing may be defined as a system testing which is done by the customer at the place where developer has developed the system.Beta testing may be defined as system testing which is done by the customer on customer's own sites.
2Alpha testing takes place once development is complete.Application is tested in Beta Testing after development and testing is completed.
3Alpha testing continues until costomer agrees that system implementation is as per his/her expectation.The problems faced by customer are reported and software is re-released after beta testing for next beta test cycle.
4Alpha testing results in minor design changes.To get problems and defects before final release of the product, beta testing is very helpful.
5Alpha testing is done is a controlled manner because software is tested in developer's area.Beta testing is done in normal environment and developers are not present during beta testing.