SE Quality Q & A #6

Question:Define the meaning of quality assurance. Explain the role of testing in Quality assurance.


Quality Assurance

With the help of proper planning and systematic performance and both control may be the surety of better quality. The main objective of quality assurance is that to check the actions which are used in development process so that the margin of the error becomes zero and if in case error occurred during the process then solves the problem. To get the better output many actions are taken by the developer. In the process of analysis and design both the planes compared with each other. In this process Acceptance plan and Verification plan both checkout some points and compared which are:

Sr.No.Verification PlanAcceptance plan
1It ensures that needs of the client are fulfilled/satisfied by software.It ensures that outcome of the product is as per the need or not.
2Sources used in the process should meet specified quality standards.Each test can check the product performance.

A functional audit and physical audit are completed before the delivery of product to our customer. With the performance of function we check that it is fulfill the need of the customer. While physical audit performed to check that all the information are mentioned in document and documentation are done in systematic way and we can deliver the software at the next level.

Goal of quality assurance of software

  1. To get the proper detail about the software and proper parameters are used in software development process.

  2. To be helpful in quality maintenance.

  3. Use of new technology in software technology.

  4. To get the surety about the software development process to be of proper standard.

List of actions which used in quality assurance process

  1. Application of technical method - To get the high level of performance from a software it is necessary that developer use various type of techniques and methods.

  2. Conduction of formal technical reviews - After the process completed, a general meeting should be held for discussing the every point of the software development process. With the help of this discussion we can find the faults or errors if we miss any kind of errors in the process.

  3. Software testing process - For the testing of software many kind of planning and techniques should be used. The department of Quality audits the software process for deciding that the software is according to expectations or not.

  4. Enforcement of standard - We have a large choice of standard parameters and we find out the best one and apply this on software. ISO 9000, SEI and CMM are the best examples of standard of parameters.

  5. Assessment - Software matrix can be used to get the quality and process changes.

  6. Record keeping - A record keeping is must require at every level of a software life cycle. With the help of this we can get the proper information about the audit, thoughts and test report of a software at every level.

Importance of testing in Quality Assurance

  1. We can easily get the errors without taking any time and efforts.

  2. With the help of this we can get the information about that this software have the ability of trust and fulfill the client's needs.

  3. We can get the software of a high level performer.

  4. We can get the detail about the design of a software.

Relationship of testing and Quality surety

Every project needs the capacity of well performance and correctness and fulfillment of clients' needs for the success of projects. Testing of software provide the information about the requirement fulfilled on the opposite side quality of surety gives the information that testing method of software is used on a standard level.