SE Quality Q & A #5

Question:Give the details of quality parameters which are used in a software system.

Answer: - Following is the list of quality parameters:

  1. Correctness - Correctness is that state of a system which has free from every kind of problems; errors and software fulfill the customer needs. In other word it is according to user and developer Expectations.

  2. Reliability - Quality of Reliability is find on that stage where developer have fully confident about his software that software can satisfied the user and customer that the action performed by the software is according to desired time and desired situations.

  3. Efficiency - The level of efficiency always calculated by the time period which software use for performing functions. Difference of time period used from actual to expected is show the level of efficiency positive or negative.

  4. Integrity - This is that state of software where only that user can access the software who have the permission otherwise other person cannot access the software.

  5. Transformable - The software must have the capacity of transformable because without this quality use of system on large basis is not possible. So software should be transferred from one computer to other computer and one site to other site. With the help of this facility a number of users can use it at the same time.

  6. Accuracy - Accuracy is that state of software where software has zero percent errors and fulfills all the customer requirements.

  7. Robustness - When a software performs with the given data and left automatically all such information which is either not accurate or not having the quality of performance, is called robustness.

  8. Testability - Under this situation for checking the functionality efforts are most required.

  9. Maintainability - To get the problems in a program some effort is needed. Capacity of maintenance is very necessary of every program.