SE Quality Q & A #3

Question:Give the benefits of verification and validation in software development and tell about the techniques of verification and validation in the process of software development.

Answer: - Verification and validation has a great role in software development process so it is necessary that verification and validation is done at each step. It covers the following parts:

  1. Surety that software functions as per user's need.

  2. Improvement in Quality.

  3. To increase the efficiency of the work during the process of development.

  4. Alteration in the software.

Techniques for Verification & validations

  1. Quality surety - With the help of proper planning and systematic performance and both control may be the surety of better quality. The main objective of quality assurance is that to check the actions which are used in development process so that the margin of the error becomes zero and if in case error occurred during the process then solves the problem. To get the better output many actions taken by the developer.

  2. Walkthrough - During the process of walkthrough material checked and valuate by the reviews. This process has deep supervision that the material used have the quality for the expert's opinion. Getting the problem area is the objective of walkthrough .With the help of expert's problems are resolved and all of this discussed in a meeting. Important thoughts to get the benefits from walkthrough:

    • A specific reason must be required for the walkthrough session.

    • Every work step taken on the basis of schedule to check that all products are working.

    • Error should be noted down and resolution must be done in walkthrough session.


    • Error easily caught at the first level which reduces the wastage of time.

    • It improves the communication and coordination of team which are working on project.

    • With the help of other we can learn much more.

  3. Inspection - In this step, a trained inspector required who can do better in inspection process. Inspection can be done on whole life cycle of software development and a better result can come out. According to Fagan -

    Three separate Inspections are to be performed. One is following design but priority to implementation. One is following implementation but priority to unit testing and one following unit testing.

    According to Fagan -

    An inspection team consist four persons who play the role of moderate, designer, implementer and tester.
  4. Statistical analysis - With the help of software tool when a program text is analysis that is called statistical analysis techniques. It covers following points.

    • To get the error of structural and get the difference actual and expected measurement.

    • To produce the important information for easily understanding the programs and documentation process.

    • It is helpful for getting the problems.

    • It is helpful for reducing the cost of error.

  5. Symbolic Execution - Execution of symbol is a method of validation in which we input the data in the form of symbol and numbers are not used for input in this process.If the program implemented normally then input which is variable of a program unit are assigned symbolic values rather than literal values.In case when we input the data then we get the output in the forms of symbols.