SE Quality Q & A #11

Question:What are test cases in Software Engineering?

Answer: - A test case may be defined as a set of instructions for getting an error in system by causing a failure. Testing software is not so much expensive in the comparison of software testing. Much kind of aspects are to be kept in mind when test cases are selected.

  • The aim of the test case should be getting a program which have no errors, if any error find in program to solve it quickly.

  • The selected test case should contain all inputs to the program.

  • A specified area should be present for the valuation of a test case.

  • A test case should be plan quickly as possible in development process.

  • A good testing should have following qualities:

    1. correctness

    2. Reliability

    3. Usability

    4. Efficiency

    5. Integrity

    6. Flexibility

    7. Structure

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